Why I will No Longer support J.K. Rowling

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Now this might seem like a strange subject to bring up on a blog that has most of it’s focus on the boys love and yaoi genre, but and this will come as no surprise to anyone who has been in the Harry Potter fandom for a long time, but for those who do not know, there is quite a large yaoi shipping community around the Harry Potter franchise as a whole. I wrote about this briefly in my fanfic rec post about the site Walking the Plank a fanfic community that works specifically with the ship Snarry (Snape X Harry) but as I have watched the disgusting comments continue to come from J.K. Rowling I find myself having to take a giant step back, and debate whether I want to continue to be part of a fandom that gives money to someone who shares such vile and frankly dangerous information.

J.K. Rowling has become the modern poster woman for TERFs and I do not give a flying fuck if you find this word disgusting because to put it very bluntly the bullshit these kinds of people spout is disgusting and dangerous. To those who don’t know the meaning of this word it stands for Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminism, basically feminists that believe trans woman are not real woman and therefore don’t deserve the same rights as cis woman (cis being the term for those who gender identity match the medical sex they were assigned at birth). If it was just a matter of them not including trans woman I honestly would probably not have much of a problem with them. I would still see them as bigots but at the end of the day you can not force others to let those they do not want into their chosen group. What makes these kinds of feminists dangerous is the fact that they outright deny in some cases the fact that trans people actually exist and go as far as deliberately using the wrong pronouns when they know someone is trans and out right deadnaming trans men and women, and yes I said trans men as well because a lot of TERFs hate trans men more than woman but that is a discussion for another time.

Over the last few years more and more transphobic comments have been coming from J.K. Rowling. When I first signed up for Twitter over a decade ago, her twitter account was one of the first celeb accounts I followed because I had so much respect for her as a write and loved Harry Potter so much as a young adult. Near the end of 2018 I unfollowed her because I was not impressed and honestly a little disturbed by some of her views. That being said I am someone who firmly believes that people can believe whatever the hell they would like, but to share one of my all time favourite quotes…

This post has nothing to do with religion but religion can in this infamous quote be changed for opinion and the meaning behind the quote is the same. It is when someone begins sharing opinions as facts that things begin to become dangerous and that is exactly what J.K. Rowling’s views on gender dysphoria and the trans community are at the end of the day, they are opinions. She has not studied the so called ‘medical scandal’ about gender disphoria she likes to go on and on about, but her fans and followers are taking her statements as facts which is spreading hate towards a community that does not deserve it.

I love her wizarding world of fiction so much. I have made friends over the years thanks to her work, but as someone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ and supporter of those within this community I can not in good conscious do anything that will in the future promote her work or spend my own money on anything from the fandom that I know will put money in her pocket. I cannot support the work and ignore the author’s actions because supporting her work does financially support her and to to blunt once again but she really needs to shut up about a subject she knows absolutely nothing about.

I will admit myself am not an expert on the subject myself, so in closing this post I want to share a video that goes further into detail about why her views are dangerous to the community. Please support the amazing channel behind this video.

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Yaoi News July 24 2020


I hope all you lovely fujoshi, fudanshi and everyone in between have had a happy and safe week. Maybe you caught up on some of your reading or anime watching? I know I still have so much to catch up on. This will be small post this week with only one story that is yaoi specific but the other story I feel is worth sharing because it relates back to a post I made earlier this year.

BlLits is an independent Yaoi/Boys development team behind the game Camp Buddy, a yaoi visual novel set in a summer camp themed camp. It is a game that has been on my own to play list for quite a few years and I do plan to play it when I get a chance to, the art is just so adorable! Well, on July 22nd BLits made an announcement of job opportunities with the company on their official site! These jobs are to help the team translate the game into various languages including French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. For this task they are looking for a Translation Manager and Translators/Translation Reviewers. If this sounds like the kind of job that interests you check out there site here!

The second story I have to share might not at first seem like a yaoi/boys love story but it is an issue that can and will eventually hit the genre we all love, especially my fellow yaoi lovers here in Australia and this all goes back the Senator Stirling Griff. His people are moving forward with their plans to remove certain manga from sale in Australia. Now I will say this, the following titles have not been legally banned from sale in Australia yet, but they have been pulled from the shelves of bookstore Books Kinokuniya at their Sydney store.

The titles pulled from store shelves are the following…

  • Sword Art Online
  • Eromanga Sensei
  • No Game No Life
  • Goblin Slayer
  • Inside Mari
  • Dragonar Academy
  • Parallel Paradise

And why were these titles removed? Why for promoting child pornography because they depict young looking characters and sexually suggestive content. I wish I was not being serious with that statement but sadly this is the argument behind this. Eventually I will have to write a post I think about how I personally believe how out of touch Australia’s child exploitation laws are when it comes to media but that is a discussion for another time, but all I will say is this. The government is so concerned with saving fictional children and at the end of the day the characters in these stories are fictional children when there are still so many actual children falling through the cracks of our system and past victims begging for some justice who deserve attention more than some drawn pictures.

It might not seem like it now, looking at that list of titles that this does not affect the yaoi community here in Australia but it will eventually reach the titles we read and watch. I can easily see titles like Super Lovers, Loveless and even Junjou Romantica (because of the Junjou Terrorist story line) being taken off the shelves or outright banned from being owned eventually here in Australia. So yes this is a problem that will affect us as well.

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It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream – BL Manga Review

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There are a lot of angst filled yaoi and boys love manga out there. From problematic tropes and depressing stories of heart break and sometimes this is what you want to read. I myself enjoy a well written dark and angst filled story, but reading these kind of stories all the time can get very draining. When you hit this drained out point you just want to read something a little bit fluffy that still pulls at your heart strings but gives you those happy ending butterflies that only a good story can give you and I recently read the most adorable boys love manga over on Futekiya called It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream by Ayu Yamane.

Yamane’s art style is very different to the art of a lot of other boys love manga artists. The best way I can describe her art style is very simplified and round. Her characters though adults are drawn very cutely but you can still tell that the characters are adults and behind her adorable art style are some very beautiful and powerful boys love stories. I have only read a few of her works on Futekiya but it was It’s Fine Even If It’s a Dream that I enjoyed most. Probably because of my love for melodramatic love stories with a happy ending.

It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream tells the story salary man Kiyosaki who is transferred to a branch of his company out in the countryside after he is accused of sexual harassment from a work colleague, something he is adamant he did not do, but at the same time he does not seem to want to defend himself from the allegations. While getting use to his new job location and how quiet the new location is he slowly begins to befriend Sou a very quiet local cook and as the two get to know each other they slowly learn to trust and love each other and begin to grow a life together.

It is a simple and sweet story with just enough drama to keep you hooked but is filled to the brim with cute fluffy moments that just leave you going aww, so if you are looking for a lighter read within the boys love genre that avoids many of the problematic tropes of the genre then this is the perfect read and best of all you can legally read it over at Futekiya!


New Given Movie Trailer

anime trailer

Seriously an hour after I finished editing yesterdays post about how much fun I had at Fujocon, I come back and browse my YouTube subs and Blue Lynx release a new trailer for the upcoming Given movie on their official channel! Still I can not be angry about this because I am really looking forward to this movie as I absolutely loved the anime adaptation of Given and hope to enjoy the manga (when my order for a physical copy of the manga finally arrives) and if this trailer is anything to go by this movie is going to be just as emotional as the series was… I just wish it had some English subs o I could better understand, but the emotions are certainly coming through the amazing voice acting!

Fujocon 2020 – My first Online Convention

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No Yaoi News from me this week, instead I’m want to gush over the amazing time I had last weekend at not only my first online convention, but my first 18+ yaoi convention Fujocon! If you follow me on twitter you would have seen that last weekend I was more active than usual posting about all the awesome fun I was having chatting to other yaoi lovers on the discord, making some lovely purchases in the artist ally (and yes I will be making a post when my lovely purchases arrive!) and having a fun and educational time attending panels.

But what exactly was or is (I would so attend this con again if it becomes a yearly event!) Fujocon?

Put together by the lovely ladies behind the BL Garden podcast Fujocon was put together for those who was missing their cons during this time of social distancing, because even though we have to keep our distance fandom can still flourish. Fujocon was a safe space for yaoi fans to have conversations about what we love without backlash and hate, share art, cosplay works and to just have fun in an 18+ environment. As a long time yaoi fan I can tell you one of the biggest issues within the online yaoi fandom is the unfortunate aspect of those not of legal age finding their way into a fandom that they really should not be a part of. No matter how mature you claim to be, 18+ content is 18+ content for a reason, but I am getting off topic I went into further discussion on my views on minors in the fandom in this post.

I would love to say that the con went completely smoothly, but like any new convention there were a few growing pains. Not enough to ruin the con experience, but there were a few moments of technical issues with a few panels and discord games but the con staff were quick to try and fix these problems and they became less frequent throughout the weekend. Also the con staff were so friendly and helpful throughout the whole event so I want to give them a big thankyou!

I myself spent the bulk of my time at the con exploring the discord and talking to fellow yaoi fans, mostly in the NSFW room of course. Over the weekend we talked about a whole lot of different subjects. From our OTP’s and ships, to monster porn and monster dildos. Yes, you read that right, one of the lovely artists I got to talk to makes them for a living and in my opinion their work was far better than anything on Bad Dragon check out there etsy store if you don’t believe me here! But one of the funnest convos for me at least was when we got talking about plushies and well, I mentioned I have a certain plushie in my collection and it turns out a lot of other yaoi fans do too! And those who did not have it in their collection wanted one of their own!

The plush in question Pete the Plush Penis Pillow, how can you not find this little guy adorable?

I attended several panels over the course of the weekend, but it was two panels that stood out to me most, these were Toward a History of BL from the lovely James Welker who is living the dream studying BL and Yaoi in Japan omg so jealous of this wonderful man. I loved his panel so much that I ended up ordering a book he was a part of off amazon that I am currently reading and plan to write about later next month right here. The second panel that I had so much fun at was the amazing Yuri on Ice panel which discussed the series, fandom and impact this amazing series has had since it’s release!

I had so much fun over this weekend and was so sad when it came to an end. I met so many amazing people from all walks of life and all over the world. I made new friends which is something that I must confess is not an easy task for me and best of all we can still all talk yaoi together. I really really really want this to become an annual event online. I say online because there are many yaoi fans like myself who are not in a financial position to travel around the world to conventions even if we really want to. This online event was something so special to me and so many others and was a much needed breath of fresh air and fun for all that attended, because now when someone asks me if there was anything good about 2020 I can tell them… I attended Fujocon 2020 and had the greatest time!

Yaoi News July 10 2020!


I hope you have all kept safe this week out there my fellow fujoshi and fudanshi, I am your Mistress of Yaoi and I am here with another Yaoi News post. Yaoi News is a weekly post I will be making every Friday here on Yaoi Playground where I will be sharing yaoi and boys love news from around the net!

upcoming boys love reboot Mirage of Blaze R

The first piece of news I have to share is the recent announcement of a manga reboot of a popular boys love novel series from the 90’s and it a series I know my fellow old school yaoi fans will be excited about! Mirage of Blaze is getting a manga reboot! I myself am a huge fan of the anime adaptation this series got in the early 2000’s and to hear that this amazing series is getting a reboot starting in August under the title Mirage Blaze R has me excited and to add to that excitement the manga artist Shoko Hamada who was behind the art of the original manga adaptation of the novels is returning for the artwork of the reboot! Sadly the original Mirage of Blaze anime and OVA’s are not on any legal streaming sites, but here is hoping this reboot will bring some popularity back to this series and maybe one of the many anime streaming services will pick up this boys love classic that has been sadly forgotten by so many within the fandom.

The second and sadly only other story I have for you this week is to remind you all that this weekend is Fujocon! I hope you have your tickets ready because this is going to be a fun weekend my fellow yaoi lovers!

Sorry I don’t have more news to share this week, but at least we got some awesome news and as a bonus I want to share the awesome opening for the Mirage of Blaze anime that is one of my all time favourite anime openings, till next time stay safe my fellow yaoi lovers!

The Titan’s Bride – Manga First Impressions


I have been on the fence for the last few months whether I wanted to read The Titan’s Bride or not and I will openly admit it was all because of one word in the genre of the story.


Now don’t get me wrong there are some really good isakai stories out there in anime and manga, but like anything that becomes popular the market can very quickly become over saturated with subpar lazy boring pieces of crap that make it feel like you are digging through a pile of shit looking for the occasional diamond but more times than note finding nothing more than cubic zirconia. Add to that the fact that I am a fan of traditional fantasy stories and that finding a good fantasy anime or manga since the rise of isakai has become almost impossible these last few years. Not to say there have not been some good fantasy anime over the last year or so, Interspecies Reviewers and Goblin Slayer were big highlights for me when it came to watching anime. So basically what I am saying is I went into this series with not very high hopes and to be honest, it was not as bad as I was expecting.

Is it a masterpiece that will drastically change the yaoi genre? Hell no, it is filled with many of the tropes and trappings of the yaoi genre that those outside and within the fandom find problematic, it’s biggest sin of being sexual assault equals love, thankfully it does not as bad as this trope is in the manga The Tyrant Falls in Love and to a certain extent there are consequences to the initial problem and we do get to see something that is not seen too often when this trope does come up. The characters talk about their relationship and this is something I can highly praise the story for, but then not long after this happens one of the main characters ends up under the influence of a poison that basically makes him sex crazed at night which again could be seen as problematic to some if you don’t like stories that don’t show clear consent between characters during sex.

As the story has moved forward though, there has been some real character growth between the two main characters and there is also less of a consent issue with the latest chapters as well. Also for a yaoi series that on surface looks like it is very much porn without plot there is an amazing amount of world building within the story as we the reader get to learn about the kind of world we have been brought in and even learn about the political climate of said world.

I will admit when I first started reading this one I had a few moments where I almost stopped reading it because of the first couple of chapters of the story felt really cliche but as the story moved forward it has slowly become an enjoyable read. If you would like to read The Titan’s Bride you can read it officially on the mobile app Coolmic.

Yaoi News July 3rd 2020!


Welcome to a new segment on Yaoi Playground I will be calling Yaoi News, where every Friday I will be sharing with you the latest news from the wonderful world of Yaoi and Boys Love!

We will start with news on two upcoming BL/Yaoi films, and the first bit of news is a little bit sad but understandable given what is going on in the world at the moment… I swear that pun was not intended, but the upcoming movie for last years Given anime (which I am currently working on a review for) has been rescheduled for a release date in Japan of August 22nd instead of the previously announced release date of May 19 due to covid-19 restrictions. Even if we have to wait I’m sure it won’t affect the emotional impact this movie will have in continuing the series, seriously I cried so much watching Given.

Did you know that the Given anime movie is being produced by Fuji TV’s in house label Blue Lynx which will be working exclusively on boys love anime adaptations? Or that Given is not the only title they have been working on? They are also working on a movie adaptation of popular yaoi manga Twittering Birds Never Fly, a must read for any fujoshi who like me enjoys a more adult yaoi story. You know the kind that does not revolve around older teens and college students. Early this week we got an amazing preview of the soundtrack for the upcoming movie that has a very modern Jazz feel to it that I absolutely love.

It’s that time of year again, the Steam Summer Sale is on right now and among the titles on sale are a few must play (in my opinion) Yaoi titles. These include My Burning Heart which is 50% off, Morningdew Farms which is 25% off, Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers at 35% off (just finished this one over a month ago and still working on a review that will give this title justice) and many more but out of the ones on sale these are the games I recommend the most!

The biggest piece of news I have saved for last and that is the upcoming Fujocon that will be July 11 – 12 which is sooo close at the this point and has me so excited as it will be myself and many others I assume first time attending an online convention. I highly recommend following the official Fujocon twitter to keep up to date with announcements and can I just say the guest list has me so excited! These guests include BL Mangaka Ayu Yamane (It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream) as well as other BL authors of both manga and light novels in the east and west, but the guests that have me most excited as the BL Academics! Damn why did I never think of doctorate study in BL and Yaoi! I am really curious to see what they bring to the table for this con as I have read some of their work already and have found it such a fascinating read!

Till next time I’m your Mistress of Yaoi hoping you are staying safe and sane during these troubled times and not to worry the rest of the world might be in a bit of trouble but our fandoms and what we love will always be here for us!