My Thought’s on the Recent Tokyo Ghoul ‘Controversy’


I swear some anime fandoms are more toxic than the Steven Universe fandom. Yes I am going down this route and this will be a bit of a rant post about recent events in the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, but the message of this post goes to all shipper’s yaoi or not out there. If you do not like reading rant or opinion pieces then don’t read this post. We good? Let’s get started with Tokyo Ghouls latest chapter controversy and as I am talking about the latest chapter…


In case you have not heard it yet, a lot of Tokyo Ghoul fans are once again pissed and this time it has most definitely gone way too far. I’m not against dropping a manga series because you do not liking the direction the plot is going, heck I did it myself when I stopped reading and watching Naruto but to out right call a mangaka homophobic and to go kill themselves because the latest chapter ‘killed’ your favorite ship is down right disgusting in my opinion. Sui Ishida has never made any statements that would come across as homophobic in the past or present and at the end of the day the Tokyo Ghoul manga is his creation and as the creator will take the story in the direction they want to.

I know a lot of fans of the series were hoping that Kaneki would end up in a relationship with his best friend Hide, but i find myself needing to bring up the fact that a sexual relationship though wanted by many shippers in the fandom has never really been hinted at as much as what has happened in the recent chapter, heck Kaneki’s catalyst for becoming a ghoul at the start of the story all started with Rize who he was attracted to.

All this hate from the yaoi fans and or just shippers within the Tokyo Ghoul fandom honestly has me embarrassed as a yaoi fan. I try to share an opinion of loving what you love with this blog and with what I choose to review, if you love something that is great and if you hate something that is ok as well but please don’t hate because someone has a different opinion to you. As for the ship ‘dying’ with this chapter, it is only dead if the fandom let’s it die, just because your ship is not canon does not mean it is dead.

Thirsty for Love – Yaoi Manga Review

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If you are looking for a fluffy yaoi story, look elsewhere. If you don’t want to read a yaoi manga that involves a sexual relationship with a female classmate as well as a male then don’t read this manga. If you are looking for a manga with an emotional pull that deals with the emotions of sex, sexuality, coming of age, death and the grieving process then maybe Thirsty for Love is a manga worth reading for you, just keep that box of tissues close by for this one.

11Orie Nakano is not sure what he loves more, his classmate Yuka or sex with her. When he finds out he is not the only one in a relationship with Yuka and that his beloved sempai is leaving the basketball team things only continue to get worse as he finds out the kind of girl he is in a relationship with and even perhaps how much emotional turmoil he can really take when he finds out Yuka is on her deathbed. Out of all the manga I have read over the years Thirsty for Love has one of the most realistic stories of death and grieving I have ever read and that is a real strength of this manga. Another is its characters as many of them could have come across as horrible people but as you read on you find out the reason why certain characters act the way they do and grow a real sympathy for all of them, even Yuka which I honestly did not expect on my first read through.

The loss of a loved one is never easy on anyone but when that loss happens at a time in our lives when we are still figuring out who we ourselves are, it can be even harder to understand those emotions. Each of the boys in the story goes through grief in a different way which is awesome to see because the feeling of grief is different for every person. Some people’s emotions reach a boiling point and they explode, others bottle everything up and others they just completely emotionally break down. From love to denial, anger, sadness, acceptance and every single emotion in between the three boys who loved Yuka ultimately find comfort in the one thing they all have in common, their love for her.


For all the praise I have given this manga however, it is not perfect. My biggest complaint I have with this story is the whole second half, especially the final resolution that feels very rushed. I get the feeling this story would have worked better as a two-volume manga instead of one and I found myself wondering if it was originally planned that way with how out of sync the second half feels to the first, it just as I said feels rushed. The character of Orie’s sempai especially feels like a bit of a one-note character compared to the other two boys which is a shame because he did have potential to be a really interesting character but he just keeps spouting the same line to Orie constantly throughout the story’s second half and then has a change of heart that really does not feel earned in the end.


A story of emotional turmoil and ultimately finding a way to just feel normal again after a tragedy Thirsty for Love is a manga I consider an emotional journey that will draw you in and remind us all that at the end of the day we are all nothing more than human and will one day have to face the fear of death; whether that be our own mortality or that of our loved ones and that it is OK to fear and grieve no matter how painful that might be.


My Sexual Harassment – Boys Love Classic Review

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5688-677013817Junya Moshizuki has landed an amazing entry-level job at a big company and what makes it even better is one of the managers, one that he looks up to and admires has taken an interest in teaching the ropes of the business world. Little does he know his manager is grooming him for a darker underside of the corporate ladder. A side where sex is used as a negotiating tool between not only companies but higher-ups in the company as well.

With a title like ‘My Sexual Harassment’, one might expect an anime filled with very little plot, countless moments of dubious consent and of course lots of rape. The last two are definitely there in all three episodes of this yaoi OVA from 1994 – 1995 but it is not the main focus of this infamous yaoi title. One element from the second episode has even reached meme status not just in the yaoi community but the anime community as a whole, though a certain scene from the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Team Hunger Force that has also become a part of that meme and skyrocket it even more into popularity online. Joking aside however this anime does tackle some very sensitive subject matters, so for some a ‘trigger warning’ may be needed.

tumblr_lqedu0ly4q1r0bp02o1_500From the obvious themes of workplace sexual harassment, this anime also extends into themes of not only dubious consent and emotional manipulation but also the toll it can take on a characters self-image and personality, something many modern boys love anime don’t seem to want to explore. What do I mean by this exactly? Well, sexual assaults seem to happen in many modern boys love series but are not treated as such. From the scene between Misaki and Usami in the first episode of Junjou Romantica to the first sexual encounter between Izumi and Ryouma in Love Stage!! Both these scenes have one thing in common, they are both sexual assaults. In both cases, Misaki and Izumi are touched without consent by the other, and this is the start of a happy relationship? It is because of scenes like these that give people the idea that yaoi fans have a fetish for rape. I’m not against depicting these kinds of scenes in a story but there need to be some bloody consequences for these actions! Though I will give some credit to Love Stage, Ryouma does feel bad afterward and Izumi is scared of Ryouma afterward as well, so that is something and they have to work for the trust.


My Sexual Harassment’s ending, however, feels like a proper ending to the situation with everything that happens throughout the episodes coming to a head with a conclusion that, though not a happy ending is a realistic one to the situation. You see real growth with Moshizuki throughout the series as he pretty much loses not only his own innocence but grows into a cynic by the end of it all.

If you have been putting off watching this yaoi classic simply because of the title, I must say you are missing out on an anime that treats its subject matter with respect and that will open your eyes to the in-depth stories that can be found in the yaoi genre. To those who are only curious about the corn thing – episode 2, but there is more to this anime than just a meme I can assure you on that one.



My Thoughts on the Yuri on Ice!!! Movie Announcement and Plot Theory

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I have been so busy in the last week, but there was no way I was not going to write a post about the latest news on one of my favorite franchises at this point. So they announced a Yuri on Ice!!! movie? I first read the news when a friend and fellow fan of the series shared the news on Facebook.  Needless to say once again I had to tame the inner fujoshi late at night so that I was not a squealing mess while family slept.

Now that I have had time to think about it I found myself wondering what kind of story would be good for the movie, as they have not said anything about a potential plot. This got me thinking as a fan of the series what kind of story would I like to see and the more I thought about I kept coming to the same story idea and this is just a thought. What if the movie focused more on Victor? As in what if the movie was a prequel to the series and showed us Victor’s early career in figure skating?


When you really think about it, how much do we really know about the man that is Victor Nikiforov? He is still at this point a mystery to fans. We know nothing about his past outside of the fact he was a skating prodigy that loves to surprise the audience. When you think about it we seem to know more about the past of many of the side characters in the series than we do about Victor and that is almost kind of weird don’t you think? What we as the viewer know about Victor is what Yuri knows about him and that seems to be it.

What kind of family did he come from?

What was his childhood like?

What brought him into the world of skating?

Am I the only one wondering this?

Whatever avenue the movies plot explores I know one thing, the fans will not be disappointed so see more of our favorite figure skating boys, what are your thoughts on the movies announcement and do you have any theories about what the plot might be?

I’ve been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award

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I would like to thank Scott of the Mechanical Anime Reviews for nominating me to do this little challenge, it’s always a fun surprise for such a small blog as my own to get nominated for these challenges and it is always fun to take a break every now and again and open up a bit more about myself to you my lovely followers and readers as I always enjoy communicating with everyone in the anime blogging community.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link there blog in your post.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the blogger that mentioned / nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers and write them 11 new questions to answer
  • List the rules in your post and show the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post

1.  What is it about anime that draws it to you?

8807-konata-watch-tvFor me it goes back to my childhood, cliche I know right? I have loved animated works for as long as I even went through a faze as a child where I hardly watched anything that was not animated and it has kind of stuck with me as I have grown older. I enjoy anime as an animation medium above most others because of the different kinds of stories I have discovered within the medium. From the most epic of tales, the most beautiful emotional tales and the dark comedies I find myself enjoying I seem to always be able to find something to watch within anime, even if there are genres and shows I dislike what I love out numbers it greatly though not with every new season.

2. What is your favorite vegetable?

Beetroot, especially when it is sliced, baked and served on a bed of fresh spinach and sprinkled with goats cheese.

3. What is your favorite outside activity?

This will probably come across as boring but just going for walk with my mp3 player and seeing where my feet take me.

4. What is your favorite indoor activity besides watching anime?

Sitting down with a nice pot of tea with my laptop and reading about anything that takes my fancy online, especially anime blogs!

5. What kind of pillow do you prefer sleeping on?

Multiple pillows at once and they have to be my own ones, due to my bad shoulders and back I need to prop myself up at night so i don’t wake up sore. I like the big firm kind most!

6. Favorite Pet?

My 11 year old cat Kane and as an extra little fact, yes he is named after the wrestler…

7. Are you in College or what is your job right now?

This is not the easiest of questions for me to answer, but I am going to be up front and honest on my situation. Technically speaking at this point I could be considered a NEET. I am long time unemployed due to the fact I have bad shoulders and a bad back as well as social anxiety that makes it very hard for me to work with others. Realistically I should be on disability but I keep hitting road blocks on that one so I have spent the last few years in limbo. I am lucky that I live i with my parents who help look after me and I get some money from the government to help with my living costs.

8. Favorite anime series?

Still Serial Experiment Lain, but Yuri on Ice is a very very close second.

9. Favorite Live Action Movie

City of Angels, Philadelphia and The Green Mile. I cannot choose a favorite among the three. My all time favorite movie is Transformers The Movie from the 80’s.

10. What brand of shoes do you wear?

Whatever I feel like wearing that day. I love my Doc Martin boots that I got in high school most though.

11. Pc or Mac

PC, simply because it is what i have always used.

I nominate the following bloggers! 


Kat Sade

Anime Girls NYC

The Maniacal Book Unicorn

Arria Cross



(I know this is not 11, but I don’t know who else to include)

  1.  What is your favorite none anime TV show?
  2.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure song to listen to?
  3.  Who is best boy in anime?
  4.  What is your favorite color to wear?
  5.  Do you have any pets?
  6.  What is something someone can do that will make you instantly dislike them?
  7.  Other than anime are you a part of any other fandoms?
  8.  Where is your favorite place you have visited?
  9.  Ever seen a band or performer live? If so who?
  10.  What can you not live without?
  11.  What do you think of yaoi?