Greetings and Salutations my fellow anime and pop culture lovers, I am your Mistress of Yaoi and I want to show and teach you about the wonderful world of boys love and yaoi. I do this through my wonderful blog Yaoi Playground! I started Yaoi Playground because I don’t see enough open discussion in the blogosphere or anime community on the subjects that are important to yaoi fans in the west.

From reviewing Yaoi and Boys Love media and discussing the issues and themes brought up in these kinds of stories, sharing stories of personal experience throughout this fandom and, to expanding thoughts into the LGBTQ+ community and the issue this community can have with the genre Yaoi Playground is a place for open discussion for all without being shamed for what we love. Though it would seem that in this politically correct culture we have become over the last decade there has been a growing stigma with a genre like yaoi because of its problematic themes. But being a fan of the genre does not make one a supporter of such themes and through reviews and essays I want to share my point of view on the subject!

I won’t apologize for my opinions shared on this blog and I will never apologize for loving what I love!

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