12 Days of Yaoi – Mister Versatile Game Review

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Lone wolf Mister Versatile has one rule when it comes to being a superhero, he works alone. Lately however fellow super hero and resident silver fox Captain Crush has been getting perhaps a little too close for Mister Versatile’s comfort. Add to that a super hero newbie who is at the wrong place at the wrong time, a cute twink with a dangerous secret and an arch enemy that has his sights on the hero and you have the makings for a fun gay superhero visual novel.

As stated yesterday this game was my favourite yaoi visual novel I played this year and I had heaps of fun during my first few playthroughs of the game. However, as I went back to replay the game for the purpose of this review and gave a real critical look at the game I came to realize that when it came time to review this game I knew that I had to give real honest feedback of this game. So here we go.

Starting life as a Kickstarter campaign, this game comes to us from Y Press Games, a company I have been a fan of since it’s founding. Many of there games have been made thanks to support from Kickstarter with varying success, not to say that any of their games have been a disappointment to me but some have left me wanting more and sadly Mister Versatile does fall into this category.

First I want to go through the positives for this game, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous and really captures the super hero aesthetic with a yaoi touch wonderfully, though with the super hero genre already being made up of tight bodies and even tighter costumes the mix of heroes and yaoi is a match made in heaven. I myself being a fujoshi of particular tastes especially enjoyed the character of Lascivion which brought to life many fantasy I have had in the past about a particular Marvel symbiote and the naughty moments with this character were some of my favourite in the game as was the surprise mini game in his route. Out of all the routes in the game I found Lascivion, Captain Crush and Driller’s routes the most fleshed out and entertaining.

Though I did notice a sound issue when playing the Captain Crush scene as during a prominent character moment in the final act of the route there was a sound error that had a previous line from another character randomly pop up that had nothing to do with the scene and this was really distracting.

Now for the negative, as I stated before the story really left me wanting more from the characters and this was most true for the character of Chihuahua who’s route felt the least fleshed out and his whole character was he is a Mexican superhero. I’m all for inclusion of different cultures in games and other media but there really needs to be more to a character than just their race.

The over all story of the visual novel also feels very bare bones when you really get down to it, especially if like me you are already a fan of the superhero genre and it by the end comes across as just another cliché superhero story the only difference being the yaoi aspects of the story and yet despite this I did find myself thoroughly enjoying the game.

If you are looking for a quick yaoi game to play then Mister Versatile is not a bad choice, the game promises a gay super hero visual novel experience and that is what you will get, just don’t go into this one expecting anything deep and meaningful, this game is a fun yaoi quickie and that is about it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I will be discussing one of my recent favourite ships and the history and fandom surrounding them!

Why You Should Back The Mister Versatile Kickstarter!

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You like superheroes right? Of course you do who does not like superheroes in this day and age. There is nothing more enjoyable for many of us than watching a good superhero flick or reading a comic for a fun in depth story. Sometimes however it’s not the story that catches our attention for those superhero comics and movies, it’s not the plot that brings us in. Come on you can admit it, were are all equally dirty minded here, I’m not going to judge on something I too enjoy.

Rippling muscles in skin tight costumes, biceps, pecks, abs and a nice ass is always a plus on any superhero and if you are lucky and thirsty enough the costume is just as tight on the front as well, if you catch my drift. There has always been a homoerotic undertone to superheroes that has inspired original comics like The Young Protectors (which is still my favourite long running web comics) to the gorgeous artwork of artists like Joe Phillips. One place I have not seen these themes with superheroes though is a game or visual novel with an openly gay superhero protaganist and that is what you have in store with Mister Versatile.

The latest project from Y Press Games, the lovely company behind Morning Dew Farms and To Trust an Incubus, two games I have thoroughly enjoyed is currently working on Mister Versatile a yaoi visual novel based in a world of superheroes! In the game you play as the superhero Mister Versatile, whose appearance in my opinion is a cross between Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man and Don Daimont from Bold and the Beautiful, which is a yummy combination.

He is a lone wolf superhero who refuses to work with others even though other superheroes really want to work with him. These other superheroes include a silver fox by the name of Captain Crush and a rookie fanboy twink who goes by the superhero name Chihuahua.

The demo also gives a brief preview of the story of the game, which includes a cute twink having trouble with a very sexy symbiote, your arch enemy having just broken out of prison and hints at the hero having a dark past that could explain why he insists on working alone. The finished game promises animated sequences (here’s hoping it’s for some of the naughty scenes), four different routes, partial voice acting, 12 endings, an original soundtrack and Steam achievements as well as a few stretch goals.

One minor complaint I do have about the demo, the opening sequence to the game the text flies across the screen so fast that it made it very hard to read and I am noticing this is an issue some let’s players of the game have had as well.

As of the day of this post going live there are 50 days left to back this amazing project over on Kickstarter and if this sounds like the kind of yaoi game you would love to play, I can not recommend enough backing this project, but don’t take just my word for it check out the game demo yourself on either Steam or Ich.io.

Banana Ranch – Game Demo Review

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I have played quite a few farming simulator games over the years. From games like Farming Simulator 19 to games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. I have even played one yaoi dating sim with farm simulator elements to it. None of that prepared me for what I found when I played the demo for Banana Ranch and do not worry this is a good thing. I played through the demo three times to make sure I did not miss anything fun and I want to start off this review by saying, when they say this is an 18+ yaoi game they are not joking around.

We only get a small intro into the world of Banana Ranch demo but you get to learn within this demo whether this will be a game for you. From helping to milk the lovely cow Moocha, sheering sweet little sheep Cotton and ‘helping’ the lazy chicken Yolkie lay his eggs it’s busy work on the farm, oh also all these animals are human animal hybrids called beastkin so your farm animals are cute men…

Farming is real hard work in this game

I will say this right now, this will not be a game for everyone the demo itself already features male lactation and egg laying which I know are fetishes that will not be for everyone and with the comments from other characters within the game I get the feeling their will be a lot of fun kink and fetish play in the final game. Maybe even some mpreg, I really hope we get some mpreg elements in this game because I must confess within the yaoi genre it is one of my favourite fetishes. I asked the developers if the finished game would have mpreg and was told no. Guess we can’t get all the weird fetishes we love.

I really loved all the character designs I got to see in the demo especially Ginger, Moocha and Have. (I really hope they reach the stretch goal for Have because he is the kind of character I love in a VN, the mysterious creepy appearing older gentleman who most times turns our to actually be a really sweet guy) I do have one minor complaint about character design though, the bear character Grizz design wise feels like a missed opportunity to really play up the bear aspect of his character, if you catch my drift. I’m not saying go full lumberjack with his look but maybe a bit of a hairy chest and a little facial stubble… that being said this is coming from a bara fan so to each there own.

Now I wish I could say all positive things about this demo but there are a few negative things I will have to write about. As someone who spends a lot of time writing I did notice a few grammar and spelling errors within the demo this is something I have noticed in quite a few visual novels and is not just a problem with Banana Ranch. The beginning of the demo before arriving at the Banana Ranch felt like it really dragged on. I know we need all this information to learn about the world we are being transported to but it just felt like a long explanation dump and I do hope that in the final game this part is either a little shorter or there is an option to skip it if you have played the demo.

For more info about the demo I highly recommend watching the following video from the development team.

Overall the game looks very promising especially if Meyaoi can reach their stretch goals for this project and if this project seems like something you would like to back or if this review has made you curious enough to check out the demo yourself please follow this link. As stated in the video at the beginning of this post the campaign for this game runs until the 31st of January 2020 and I really hope that they do reach there goal and beyond and can not wait till I get the chance to befriend and date even more yummy men from the world of Banana Ranch!

Togainu no Chi – ANNOUNCEMENT Trailer

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I was not planning on making another post this week I really was not, but then after a day out with a friend grocery shopping of all things I come home I browse my email, my social media and then I head to Youtube where I find the following trailer in my sub box…

And I am just twitching with excitement, my inner fangirl is just screaming YES YES YES! Togainu no Chi is a yaoi visual novel that I have wanted to play for over a decade and once again the lovely folks over at Jast Blue have announced that this will be the next yaoi title we get from them and I am just fangirling sooo hard right now!

Though not well received by many within the yaoi community, back in 2010 there was an anime adaptation released of this game that I actually at the time really enjoyed and like a good adaptation it left me wanting more from its world and now finally after all this time I will soon be able to play the game!

I am sooo hyped for this!!!

Synthetic Lover Game Demo Review

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This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read my review of the original Ai no Kusabi anime, that when you mix sci-fi cyberpunk and yaoi, you get my attention very quickly. It is a mix of genres that I thoroughly enjoy so when I was asked on Twitter by the creators of this kickstarter to check out their game I was very happy to give it a go.

Set in the distant future of 2066 biologically engineered humanoids make up a large portion of the workforce. In this story you play as a Synthetic Lover (basically a high end escort) who one day after coming in contact with a strange object begins to feel that something is off because he is beginning to actually feel things, emotions and what even seems to be an opinion of his own.

Sentience, intelligence and a moral compass all within an AI are story elements I adore being explored, much like within one of my favourite books as a teen Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and I can not help but see a little inspiration from this story coming through within the world shown in the demo of this game.

Once complete the game promises full voice acting, deep character relationships and development – I can not wait to learn more about Terrance he was my fave character in the demo, multiple endings and plenty of nsfw intimate scenes. A small part of me was a little disappointed that there was not a preview of the nsfw art in the demo but that was really my only complaint for what I got to play.

I enjoyed what I played of this demo and very much hope the developers can reach their goal on kickstarter to finish their project. If this sounds like something you would like to check out and support please follow the link below.

Synthetic Lover Kickstarter

Strange Flesh – Indie Bara Game Review

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When I sat down and played ‘Strange Flesh’ after coming across it on the Bara subreddit community I thought I was going into a standard side-scrolling beat’em up game with a top coat of bara aesthetic, but as I delved deeper into the game I came to realize that there may be more here than a barman with hypnotic smoke and a very naughty bara beat em up. This is a game that delves right into the psyche of its target audience and the first hint of this comes in the game’s title ‘Strange Flesh’.


“And Angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode. He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after Strange Flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment in eternal fire.”  Jude 1:6 

A quote from the Holy Bible might be a strange way to start this review but there is a lot of comparisons within the game that can be found within this one quote that for decades upon decades or perhaps even longer has been used to condemn those within the LGBTQ+ community and that makes it a very stark contrast with one of the other big themes in the game. Self-acceptance, even if those around you won’t approve. One of the most annoying enemies in the game is a flying angel called ‘Father Figure’ that takes the form of a priest with wings. Religion in society is used as just another restraint against those who are not necessarily evil but are made to feel guilty because of their lifestyle choices.

You play as the Bartender in this game as you work your way through the subconscious of Joe, a miserable salaryman who has spent so much time suppressing his true self from a society that it has left him alone and well miserable. This is a scenario many within the LGBTQ+ community can relate to, having to act ‘normal’ in front of the world so that you are not judged or ostracized for not being what everyone else thinks you should be. As you work your way through the game, you work your way through Joe’s subconscious and meet much of what Joe has suppressed in the way of enemies. You can choose to attack these enemies with punches and kicks or you can choose to seduce and hypnotize with your smoke. Your actions throughout these levels towards these enemies determine which of the three endings you can give Joe. Two could be considered bad endings that have Joe giving into this temptation and becoming either a cocky rock star of the bar or the biggest cock slut in town. There is a third ending that can also be unlocked after you have done the first two and I like to think that that one is the true ending for this game and it is something so beautiful I do not want to spoil it.


There is a large lack of video games out there aimed directly at the LGBTQ+ community and I am not about to say we should change the games and franchises we already have to be more inclusive, I am saying however that when these kinds of games come out we should support them. I myself am not a huge fan of side scrolling beat em up, but when I learned the premise behind this game I just had to give it a go. Even though, yes I know I am not the target demographic for this game, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Also, it’s free to play so there is no reason to not give it a go unless of course, you are not a fan of hardcore bara content, this game is most definitely not safe for work. You can download the game directly from the creator’s website and it is available to play on both Mac and Windows pcs and can also be played through the browser if you would prefer that. If you enjoy the game do not forget to perhaps tip you barman so that the team behind this amazing game can create future projects.


And if you enjoy my content help support me and the blog with a cup of coffee.


Now Here is Some News That Has Me Happy

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I’m soo excited over this. As of February 23rd, it seems JAST USA – a company that especializes in localizing japanese visual-novels to english – has created a subsidiary company of theirs that will focus on BL titles only: JAST BLUE! They have already localized at least two of them before, such as Enzai and […]

via JAST BLUE – New BL translation company! — Fresh Baked Cookies

I want to thank Fresh Baked Cookies for sharing this wonderful news! This is a post you need to read if you are a fan of visual novels and yaoi!

Those Yummy Creators at Yaoi Press Have Another Awesome Project!

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We need your support to make this game. Please become a backer on our Kickstarter or help spread the word! PLAY THE GAME DEMO HERE! Burly Bara Men + a Yaoi Sci-Fi Story = To Trust an Incubus, an uncensored adults only dating sim that puts muscly men with sexy incubi. We need more sexy […]

via To Trust an Incubus Yaoi/Bara Visual Novel — Y Press Games

This is one game I really wish I could play the demo for, but since I am using my mum’s laptop I am going to have to hold back on this one. But everything I have seen from the preview video to the artwork for this project looks even yummier than My Magical Demon Lover . I have made it no  secret that Mistress is a big fan of those delectable Bara men and for my fellow yaoi fans who love bara this is a Kickstarter you need to pay attention to.



Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc – Spoiler Free Game Review

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Trapped in a deadly game of hope and despair fifteen of the brightest students of the nation are trapped in Hope’s Peak Academy with only one way out. They must kill a fellow classmate and get away with murder, if they cannot get away with murder then for punishment they themselves will be killed and so begins the deadly game.


The first visual novel I have played in a long time was one hell of a ride. Like all visual novels, this game was very dialogue heavy but the conversations and puzzles found within were just so exciting that it never gets boring… for the most part. There are some parts within the story that seems to really drag on but that can come down to the gameplay style of a visual novel.

Gameplay is divided into three different sections. These being school life, body discovery and investigation and then finally the class trial. Each is very self-explanatory and I found myself enjoying all parts for the most part. School life which is where I spent most of my game time has you interacting with your fellow students and with all their different personalities it was easy to find characters I loved and those I found hating. This emotional connection to the characters made sections like the body discovery and trials have quite the stab in the heart, I won’t spoil any of that for you but just don’t get too emotionally attached though it can be hard with how endearing some of the characters are.


If you are already a fan of visual novels (and let’s face it most fujoshi are) then this is a game you need to check out! There is so much I would love to write about this game and franchise especially with the newest game coming out next month for Australia. So throughout the rest of this month, all the posts will be Danganronpa related! That being said I must warn many of these posts will contain spoilers and being a mystery game it is best to go in spoiler free. To those who are fellow fans let us enjoy both despairs and hope together this month!!!

Who is your favorite character in the first Danganronpa game? For me, I must confess that goes to the nerdy Hifumi!