30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21 Favorite Goofy Character

30 day anime challenge

Loveless is a very confusing anime and is sadly a victim of an unfinished adaptation of the source material that asks more questions that it is willing to answer. That being said the series has one of my favorite bubbly side characters who is the perfect side line cheer leader for the emotionally stunted Ritsuka.

Yuiko is the complete opposite to Ritsuka and that is why she compliments him and the series so well. Things can get pretty dark and emotionally jarring throughout the series but Yuiko’s bubbly and infectious smile can be a breath of fresh air.


Sleepover- BL Game Review — Nice Job Breaking It, Hero


Sleepover is an 18+ PC BL visual novel from Black Monkey Pro an international BL artist circle. The game tells the story of Haruyuki Kano, a young man who has secretly been in love with his best friend, Sato Hideaki (Aki) since they were children. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, Kano has done his best […]

via Sleepover- BL Game Review — Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

I have to agree with this review of Black Monkey’s Sleepover, gorgeous artwork cannot excuse a poorly executed story. The smut of this one was good but again the story just let it down. That being said I have to say this group does do some brilliant work and I cannot highly recommend their Free! Doujinshi  Synchronize or their Food Wars one Fertilize to all you yaoi lovers out there!


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 20 Anime Character that get’s on my nerves

30 day anime challenge

In my late teens early twenties my love for anime was growing rapidly, this was mostly due to the fact that it was not till this time that we had the internet at home. I watched heaps of anime on tv with Tonnami and Adult Swim at the time and enjoyed many of the shows on there. With everything I watched and enjoyed Bleach should have been another series I would love.

It had an interesting premise and cool story and a lot of the side characters were interesting. There was just one thing stopping me from getting completely invested in the series. Over the years because I have seen how much friends have enjoyed the series I have attempted to go back and watch the show but again the same thing was holding me back. Two things actually, two of the main characters.

I took an immediately dislike to both Ichigo and Rukia from the series. To be honest I really don’t know why I have such a dislike for the two, there is just something about the both of them I don’t like. This lack of attachment I have to these two made it very hard for me to find any investment in the series and so I just stopped watching it.

This dislike and lack of interest gets on my nerves because I feel like I have missed out on a fun story.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19 Most Epic Scene

30 day anime challenge

You can bet I knew right away when I saw this prompt I knew exactly  what I wanted to talk about. A transformers series that is an anime so I can talk about here which makes me happy because this series does not get nearly enough love!!! (Plus I really really really want to see the Japanese version of this series).


I’ll break down the series as simply as possible but know that this scene is a major spoiler for the end of the series. In this version of the transformers universe the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting for control over an ancient race of transformers known as minicons who can grant other transformers amazing power when combined. For this reason the series has been dubbed Transformers gotta catch them all by a lot of fans.

Transformers Armada was the series that brought me back into the transformers fandom and brought many a fangirl to a certain Decepticon. I am of course talking about Starscream. Throughout the series more than any other character Starscream goes through a journey of self discovering and questioning himself. (this character growth is lost in Transformers Energon as Starscream as well as it seems everyone else has amnesia as to what happened in the prior series sadly)

tumblr_inline_miy49buf711qz4rgpThroughout the series we see many characters side swapping, backstab and form friendships. Starscream himself forms a friendship with the human friends of the Autobots, but remains Megatron’s most loyal soldier. (doesn’t sound like any other Starscream right?)

As the war hits it’s climax a new threat approaches Cybertron and the transformers and the only hope to save their world is for the two leaders to put there hatred aside and work together. When Megatron refuses the alliance Starscream makes a last ditch effort to prove to his leader not only his loyalty but that alliance is the only way to survive in the above epic fight scene that ends in tragedy but begins the beginning of saving Cybertron. If that is not epic I don’t know what is!

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 Favorite Supporting Female Character

serial experiment lain

So I’m going to talk about Lain again, only not Lain but her friend Arisu or Alice if you watch the dub for this one and I’ll keep it short.

1465348709-6ca5d0b5d7182d62e5b19f9ee137bed3Alice is the first character in the series we see try and make an offline connection with Lain, and the fact that is a classmate and not a family member is kind of important to the story. It shows just how isolated Lain is from the world offline.

Throughout much of the series Alice is an anchor that keeps Lain in the real world and it is an incident involving Alice later in the series that is the catalyst for Lain discovering her power to Reset. It is also Alice that makes Lain understand the important of offline connection as well as the connection found within the wire. It is for this reason Alice is my favorite supporting female character.

Upcoming Hiatus and plans while I’m away

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The time for my upcoming hiatus is drawing closer everyday. For those followers who do not know my family is in the middle of moving from the suburbs of Perth to a little country town down south. As such in the next couple of weeks our home net will be going down and won’t be back up till after we move and are settled into our new home.

As such because I don’t have anything backed up to post while I will be gone there might not be any new posts next month. I will also be using the time away from the net to work on the upcoming chapters of my fanfiction which can have the best version found here.

tumblr_mhka3pyzdn1rwfueeo1_1396028671_coverIn my time away my hope is to get at least five new chapters typed up and I look forward to continuing Still Alive which is a transformers prime passion project of mine. A psychological story about soldiers and war as well as government conspiracies on cybertron. I have been having so much fun working on this story and the continued support of my fans has made it even more fun.

So yes I will be disapearing next month but I will keep everyone up to date with the move via twitter. Till I see you guys on the otherside of this move I hope everyone keeps enjoying yaoi!

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 17 Favorite supporting male character

30 day anime challenge

61dc3333ccaa2d97852440884b9751e8This one was a hard choice for me, I could have gone with Hiro from Gravitation or Kowaru Nagisa from Evangelion but in the end I had to go with Joey Wheeler. Maybe the fact I am a die hard puppyshipper came into play with my choice, but if I’m completely honest I was a fan of Joey’s character before I was shipping him with one Seto Kaiba.

In the series Joey is one of Yugi’s best friends and also one of his first real friends. A flashback to their first meeting however showed that it did not always start this way. Joey was a bully to Yugi alongside Tristan when they first met, but when a bigger bully picked on him and Tristan Yugi stood up for them and Joey got to see what an amazing person yugi really was.

hqdefault1Throughout the series we also see that Joey has not had an easy life, being separated from his little sister at an early age and worrying about her health. Joey is the kind of character that will hide his worries from his friends with a smile and puts his friends first whenever he can, but with his ongoing rivalry with Seto throughout the series we also see that though Joey might not have much he is proud of what he does have and will defend what he loves.

This for me and many others was the catalyst that began the journey into and love for the ship of puppyshipping because when you step back and look at the pair they have a lot in common.

Fanfiction Rec 5: Clarity

fanfiction, yaoi

The synopsis for this story just so perfectly describes the tale you are about to read.

“Coffee Shop AU! Shinji struggles with depression and his troubled past until he meets Kowaru, a painter with his head in the clouds. One would imagine calamity would ensue, however, there is a beauty to be found between those who seek love and a sense of clarity.”

Clarity by OftheWind is an ongoing fanfiction featuring the Evangelion pairing of Kowaru Nagisa and Shinji Ikari in an alternative universe with no Eva or Angels but a difficult real life and a cafe where Shinji works alongside Asuka and Rei.

The coffee shop AU is a common trope used within many fanfiction communities where they take characters from a fantasy, sci-fi or other setting and puts them in a setting more grounded in reality but try to keep the characters as in character from their own universe as possible. Sometimes like here it can work and other times well let’s just say there are a lot of bad AU fanfictions out there.

tumblr_mo1fwjYMcI1sokls6o3_1280Clarity is yet another fanfiction I recommend that deals with a lot of heavy subject matter. There are themes of child abuse, mental instability, and social anxiety all played as part of the drama of the story so if you are sensitive to these issues I would not recommend this one to you. The reason why I recommend this story, however, is because it is one I myself am currently following and thoroughly enjoying the realistic growth of all the characters in the story.

The only thing I have found so far not to my liking is the personal choice for Rei Ayunami. A very quiet and stoic enigma of a character in the series something about her just feels off to me in this story. Some characters are hard to write in fanfiction and Rei is one of these characters and the personality change does fit the story but at times some of her reactions to situations can seem jarring.

The meat of this story, however, is the growing relationship between Shinji and Kowaru. You can see Kowaru helping Shinji come out of his comfortable shell but at the same time, you also see how Shinji helps keep Kowaru grounded something his character has trouble within this particular story. If you are a fan of this pairing I cannot recommend Clarity to you enough.

Do you like the pairing of Kowaru Nagisa and Shinji Ikari? Do you have a favorite fanfiction of the pairing you would like to share? Let me know down in the comments below.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 Anime with Best Animation

30 day anime challenge

Damn this is a hard one as I kind of want to avoid using an anime movie because then I would go with ‘Garden of Words’ for how gorgeous it looks, but perhaps that would be too easy so I thought I would just write about anime with animation I like.

Liger_zero (1)The spell battles in ‘Loveless’ are beautiful and delicate in their animation and draw you into not only the action of the battles but also the emotions and stakes of the fight even if they can come across as confusing. I mean even if you don’t quite understand what is going on in each battle you can definitely pick up on the emotional turmoil and confusion going through Ritsuka with each fight with the use of subtle body language and that same use of body language executes the power that is Agatsuma Soubi.

imagesIt was the beautiful and mysterious close up shot of the opening eye and then sudden pan out of Priss in the opening of of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 that was the catalyst that drew me to the series late one night when channel surfing that began my love of cyberpunk anime.

As I  was beginning to tire of the sports genre of anime it was the unique art style and fluid animation of Ping Pong that drew me back into the genre that I have continued to love. Anime and animation in general is just so broad and beautiful in it’s own way there is just no way I can pick a best.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 15 Favorite pet/ sidekick animal / Summon in anime

30 day anime challenge

Good thing Serial Experiment Lain does not have a cute animal mascot or this would probably be another Lain post. All kidding aside I think my sadistic side is coming out with this choice.

puella_magi_madoka_magica-08-kyubey-incubator-shaft_head_turnEverything in life comes at a cost and Kyubey from Modoka Magica is the purest embodiment of this fact and is also adorable. Kyubey gives those who who wish for it what they wish for at the cost of being a magical girl. Does he completely explain what that means? No he does not but at the same time he never lies to the girls but perhaps it could be seen as cruel because Kyubey does not tell them what they are truely becoming.

An emotionless being Kyubey has but one mission and anyone who has watched the series knows what that is and why Kyubey does what it deems a smaller sacrifice at the end of the day. What is one life if the rest of the universe is safe after all?