30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 Favorite Supporting Female Character

serial experiment lain

So I’m going to talk about Lain again, only not Lain but her friend Arisu or Alice if you watch the dub for this one and I’ll keep it short.

1465348709-6ca5d0b5d7182d62e5b19f9ee137bed3Alice is the first character in the series we see try and make an offline connection with Lain, and the fact that is a classmate and not a family member is kind of important to the story. It shows just how isolated Lain is from the world offline.

Throughout much of the series Alice is an anchor that keeps Lain in the real world and it is an incident involving Alice later in the series that is the catalyst for Lain discovering her power to Reset. It is also Alice that makes Lain understand the important of offline connection as well as the connection found within the wire. It is for this reason Alice is my favorite supporting female character.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14 Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it

30 day anime challenge, serial experiment lain

So is any one sick of me writing about Serial Experiments Lain yet?

Serial Experiment Lain is a series that is so dense in its narrative that every time I watch the series I come away with something new. As we grow our ideas of self constantly change as we are constantly learning from the world around us. When I first watched Lain as a teenager I hardly ever used the internet, if anything I did not use to the internet on a regular basis until my early twenties. I had my books and video games and that is all I needed.

giphySo the whole idea of the wired or internet and reality being different was how I thought, now a days however I find myself nearly constantly connected to the internet either through my phone, laptop or game system. My connection to the internet is a connection to a social life I honestly do not have much of offline as well as the connection to my long distance relationship, but perhaps I am getting off subject here.

Lain fascinates not only me but many on the internet which is quite a feet when you remember this is a series that came out in the late 90’s and has had no remakes or sequels since then. There are websites such as Thought Experiments Lain and even dedicated Reddit threads dedicate themselves to discussing that which is Lain (though it has been a couple of years since the website was updated it is still an interesting read for those interested in entering the rabbit hole that is Lain)

If it is an audio visual analysis and breakdown or just a video review of the series you want to watch to see if you would be interested in Lain there are plenty of well thought out and intriguing videos that can be found on the series. If you want to delve deeper after watching the series at least once yourself however and perhaps get a different perspective on what you have viewed you cannot go past a series of videos on youtube simply titled ‘First Serial Experiment’  by the anime as well as many other subject analyzer Digibro, who I came across when he was known as Digibrony in the mlp community.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13 Character You are Most Similar to

30 day anime challenge, serial experiment lain

To be completely honest I have to a certain  extent already explained the answer to this one in my post Serialize Thyself – I am Lain, but I will explain a little here so that this post is not just a single link.

arisuLain is a character that attracted me the very first time I watched the series and the more I watched the more I saw the similarities between us. Lain is extremely socially awkward at the beginning of the series which was very much like me in high school and here is a creepy coincidence, in the dub of the series the girl that reaches out to Lain to become her friend and to include her is named Alice… one of my best friends in high school who tried to include me in social gatherings was a girl named Alice. Freaky right?

Lain has trouble communicating her feelings to those around her, this is something I can greatly relate to and will be covering in the next Serialize Thyself post including the freedom one who has trouble communicating can find her within the internet or in her case the wired. Lain is Lain and I am me.

Serialize Thyself – Duvet = Daughter to Father

serial experiment lain

What if I told you before reaching out for Chisa on the wired, Lain was trying to reach out to someone else in her life? Someone close to her that felt so far away because of the disconnection she felt at the beginning of it all? What if I told you the hint to who that is, is in the first line of the opening song to the series ‘Duvet’?


‘And you Don’t Seem to Understand, A shame you seemed an honest man’

Lain feels disconnected to those around her and perhaps it is her own lack of connection with her family, in particularly her father that has caused her to withdraw from it all. If she can’t even form a connection to those close to her then how is she expected to connect and understand those around her.

We see in  the first episode of the series that Lain’s father already has connection to the wired, we see it in his computer set up he has and in the way he speaks of the wired to his daughter about how anyone can make connections and friends through it. He also speaks of how her mother does not understand and even seems to fear the wired, in this moment Lain tells her father she is not afraid.


In this one statement of not being afraid, Lain is crying out for her father to pay attention to her, to give her some form of recognition or praise because Lain wants to be daddy’s little girl, something many daughters can sympathize with. But as she tries to gain his attention all we see him do is type away  on his keyboard his eyes transfixed on the screen in front of him in a trance like state.

Lain’s father buys her a new Navi upon her request to upgrade her older one for better access to the wired and like her father Lain quickly becomes obsessed with the wired and upgrading her Navi, but Lain seems to begin to take it to far. Does she keep going to try and earn her father’s attention?

When Lain receives a piece of hardware for her Navi from a stranger one day in her foot locker she immediately goes to her father to find out what it is. This is the first time we seem to see a disapproving look on his face and he tells her he does not know what it is. Lain’s responds to this like a rejection from her father as she wanted to journey deeper into the wired with him as her guide as he had been when he helped her set up her Navi.

In a later episode Lain’s father enters her room after she has made countless upon countless upgrades to his computer, he does not recognize his daughter any more to which Lain responds ‘Don’t worry, I’m still me’


After all is said and done with this series, with all the symbolism and philosophy surrounding it, I can’t help but wonder is Lain a girl that just wants her daddy to notice her?


Serialize Thyself – I am Lain

anime, serial experiment lain

Close this World. Open the Next

Lain was one of the first anime character I ever felt a connection with, strange right? Well if you don’t know Lain then maybe it doesn’t sound strange. As fans of any medium we will find characters we identify with. We see our courage and morals in the valiant hero of an action series or the worse parts of our own personalities in the villain of the same series. I myself usually find myself identifying with anti-hero type characters probably because to a certain extent I see myself as one in my own life.


I know I am the main character of the story that is me, but at the same time I can’t see myself as a hero. Yes I do try my hardest to stick to my own moral code and do the right thing, I live with a belief in truth and responsibility for my own actions. If I’ve made a mistake I own that mistake and analyze why that mistake was made and try and figure out what I can do so I do not make that mistake again. I also consider myself a silent watcher even if at times I can be the loudest in the room, though I find that aspect of my personality quietening down as I grow older.

I guess one way to describe it is, at times I can be like a politician.

What do I mean by this statement? Well I can assure you it is not the pay packet though that would be wonderful, no by that I mean I can at times say a lot without really saying anything at all. I am the kind of person who when I want I can fade into the background and just listen to what is happening around me, then speak out when the time is right.


This is the kind of person I see in Lain. She is not popular and she does not follow the trends like everyone else around her at school, which in hindsight was a lot like me back then. When people talk about things like peer pressure, I must admit I have a hard time understanding the very concept of it. Being pressured into doing something you know is wrong just because those around you at the time want you to? Even as a teenager my mind would immediately go to ‘Ok if I do this now, what will happen later?’ or ‘If I do this now I will get caught eventually and I know I will get in trouble. What kind of trouble will I get myself into?’ and even ‘If I do this will someone else or myself get hurt for it? I don’t want to hurt anyone.’

Lain see’s the wired as an opportunity to escape the not knowing of those around her, on the wired you can find out anything about anyone. This influx of information can be calming to certain people, if you know something or understand it on a certain level then you lose the fear of not knowing and there is a comfort in that.

This is the beginning of my new writing project on here, titled Serialize Thyself. Through this series of writings (I don’t know yet how many posts there will be) I will be writing about different parts of the anime series ‘Serial Experiment Lain’. This series is my all time favorite anime and I have watched and re watched the series countless times, as well as watched countless videos analyzing the series, reviews and the series as well as read page upon page upon page of fan theories and other discussions on the series. Welcome to the rabbit hole that is Lain.


Are you Lain too?