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Yaoi and Boys Love is the reason why we are all here at Yaoi Playground, so what are you waiting for? Pick your yaoi or boys love review and dive deeper into the world of Yaoi Playground! Special announcement below the list!


Ai no Kusabi (original)

Angel’s Feather

Antique Bakery

Be-Boy Kidnapp’n Idol

Boku no Pico

Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai

Close the Last Door

Dakaretai Otoko 1 -i no Odosarete Imasu


Gakuen Handsome

Goblin Cave


Hitorijime My Hero

Legend of Duo

Level C


My Sexual Harassment

Okane Ga Nai

Papa to Kiss in the Dark

Robotica Robotics

Seikimatsu Darling

Sensitive Pornograph

Sex Pistols

Shounen Maid Kuro-kun

Someone Else’s BL Anime

Song of the Wind and Trees

The Tyrant Falls in Love

This Boy Caught a Merman

This Boy is a Professional Wizard

Winter Cicada

Yami no Matsuei

Yarichin Bitch Bu

Zetsuai Bronze

Manga / Light Novel

Ai no Kusabi

Can I buy Your Love from a Vending Machine?

Dick Fight Island

Feeding Lamb

Isle of Forbidden Love

It’s Fine Even if It’s Just A Dream


Kotetsu Dining

Legs that Won’t Walk

Liquor and Cigarettes

Lust -Fantasy-

Miscreant Next Door

Monster and the Beast



Sex Therapist

Sleeping with the Stallion

The Orc Bride

Thirsty for Love

Yarichin Bitch Club


Visual Novels

Blood and Lust

Enzai – Falsely Accused

Mister Versatile

My Burning Heart

Naked Butlers

Manhwa / Webtoon

BJ Alex

Blood Bank

Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking Season 2

Killing Stalking Season 3

Make Me Bark

Painter in the Night

Small World

This Fluffy Love

Well Done

Wolf in the House

Western Yaoi

Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body

Knight of Alanoc

Lily and the Rose


Men Plus Monster


The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy

Is there a yaoi title you do not see on this list but would love to see reviewed here on the playground? Feel free to send me your suggestions on Twitter and if I pick your suggestion I will include a shout out to you in the review!