Spring 2017 Anime Season: What I’m planning to watch!


Well I cannot say I am surprised by this fact, but it seems the one anime I am looking forward to in the coming season is the one series I have seen absolutely no-one except anime news sites write or talk about. That being said I will get to that series, but firstly I want to get the two obvious sequals coming out next season that I will definitely be watching next season.


My Hero Academia 2 and Attack on Titan Season 2, bot of which I am stocked for especially Attack on Titan. I am one of those fans who has waited patiently through spin offs and have avoided reading the manga (mostly for cost reasons) and the trailers have me hyped. I don’t have a premium account on any of my anime streaming services so this is going to make avoiding spoilers each week hard like it was with Yuri on Ice, but I will still enjoy both these anime I think.

84560One anime that instantly caught my attention when it was announced was Atom: The Beginning. I have been a big fan of Astro Boy as well as many other of Osamu Tezuka’s work ever since I was a child. From watching the original series as a kid with that iconic theme song all the way to the series that was released in 2003 I have loved every minute of the story of this series. Plus if it had not been for the fact I have loved Astro Boy so much I never would have discovered one of my favorite manga in my early 20’s, that being BlackJack. Admittedly when it comes to BlackJack I prefer the manga over the anime adaptations though.

Another anime that has caught my interest is Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boy with a premise that has peaked my curiosity. A girl from an orphanage finding out she has a twin brother and she needs to take his place at an all boys school. This has definitely peaked my interest I must say not only on premise but the character designs I have seen for the show are also very appealing to me. Alas however I am really hoping I don’t end up as disappointed as I have been with Masamune-kun no Revenge, which was my biggest disappointment along with Hand Shakers last season.

83340The other big anime I am looking forward to this season is Warau Salesman or Laughing Salesman the original series debuted in 1989, so it’s pretty old, but this season we are getting a new season! A couple years ago my other half who knows my dark sense of humor told me about the anime and I was instantly hooked. Each episode of the show follows a travelling salesman named Fukuzou Moguro and his latest victim… I mean customer. He offers them their hearts desire with one catch, everything comes at a price. This usually ends in the customer getting what they want followed by a lesson needed and ends with our salesman laughing. Warau Salesman New has me excited for more stories and if your sense of humor is a tad on the dark side and you can laugh on the earned misfortune of others then you cannot give this one a miss.

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… is another title that has caught my attention because it looks as though it covers one of my favorite kind of stories, taboo love. A love story between a beautiful women and a priest, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite english yaoi mangas Lily and the Rose. Though I get the feeling this anime won’t be as saucy as the manga it makes me think of, I’m hoping for an anime with lots of melodrama with this one.

84901The last anime I am anticipating does not have much info out on it yet but, well let’s just say this is a franchise I have been a huge fan of since my childhood. I am of course talking about the new Yugioh series Yugioh! VRAINS. Yes I still watch Yugioh and thanks to Crunchyroll I have finally been able to watch the old stuff again as well as catch up with newer series in the franchise. What can I say, this yaoi fangirl is young at heart.

Now onto series that have caught my interest but I don’t know if I will watch them or not yet. Quan Zi Gao Shou is yet another anime about gaming though it does not look like it is going to go down the trap in the gaming world route that too many anime in recent years seem to do. Admittedly it is the character designs for this one that have me curious as they fall into a style that I find visually appealing.

Back in the day I was also a huge Naruto fan and though no where near into it as I used to be (even though I still have an Orochimaru plushie sitting up on my shelf) I am considering checking out Boruto: Naruto Next Generation simply for morbid curiosity to see how much the world has changed since I last saw the series.


Alice no Zoroku has an intriguing enough premise for me to be curious. A little girl with a mysterious power called ‘Alice’s Dream’ made me instantly think of one of my favorite novels with Alice in Wonderland. Whether there is any connection between the two I don’t know but I will have to wait and see if this one will catch my interest enough to watch.

83987Next comes Frame Arms Girl. It was the trailer that made me curious about this one as it kind of reminded me of two anime I have liked in the past, Angelic Layer and Medabots, a strange combination right? It’s been a while since I have gotten into a good battle anime series so I’m curious as to where this one will go.

Lastly is Kabukibu! Which is about a Kabuki Club in a high school which a student who has a passion for the art wants to start in the school. I don;t know much about Kabuki honestly but I do know it involves only male actors… so maybe I’m hoping for a little cross dressing with this one, just a bit. This is another one that is nothing more than a morbid curiosity makes me want to perhaps check it out.

 People are saying there are a lot of good anime coming out this season and I am inclined to believe that. Is there anything else coming out this Spring season that you are looking forward to that I have not mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

Zetsuai / Bronze – A True Classic of the Genre


As I do with all my reviews I get my feelers out there and read various other opinions on what others think of a work before I start writing my piece, one is to see if others feel as passionately or dispassionately as I do about the subject I want to review and the second my own morbid curiosity as to what the broad view of a work is and all I can say for this one is wow. So many people hate this anime… An anime that for many years I myself have considered a masterpiece of the boys love/yaoi genre.

It begins as a story of one man’s obsession, Nanjo Koji a famous singer is haunted by a memory from the past and when he comes face to face with the cause of that obsession at a point in his life when everything is spiraling out of control he emotionally goes into shock. His obsession is a boy closed off from the world because of his past, Izumi Takuto. He is an up and coming soccer player haunted by the murder of his father at the hands of his mother. He still to holds on tight to the scars of the past, not wanting to let anyone in. These are the kind of love stories I adore most of all I must admit. No perfect prince to save the day, just real characters; with real emotion. Characters with flaws and depth, characters that are broken but are not looking to be saved.

For Koji to give Izumi the love he desperately wants to share, he is going to have to get past a lot of emotional baggage, not just from Izumi but himself as well. Both characters have for so long shut themselves off from the world around them, for different reasons. Both are emotionally stunted whether they can admit it to themselves or not they need each other in this desperate love, perhaps that is why the series is sometimes known by another title ‘Desperate Love’.


The second episode shows that Koji is still obsessed with his lover to the point that he cannot stand to be apart from him and when Izumi leaves for just a week he tried to chase after him and ends up in a motorcycle accident and in the hospital with a coma. What follows after this is a fight for Izumi to not give up on love now that he has finally found it in Koji, but when the coma is just the beginning of problems for the two lovers and Koji’s family threatens to pull the pair apart permanently to protect the families standing in society. Will the two survive on love alone? Is love ever just enough?

When two people come together in love, I truly believe that that reunion will fill the gap one has in themselves, when we finally find our other half we never want to let them go, some kinds of love can save a person from themselves, but there are also times when love can do great damage. We only have to look at a story like ‘Killing Stalking’ to know the dangers of obsessive love. One must wonder then, is love just a socially acceptable form of obsession or is obsession love gone too far?


There is a third episode to this story, though it is not exactly a proper episode. Cathexis is a collection of songs with music videos for Nanjo Koji and if you enjoyed the songs he sang in the two previous episodes or would like a little bit more boys love fan service from our two heroes you will find it here. Sadly, however, it can be harder even online to track down this third episode but if you get a chance to watch Cathexis I highly recommend it.

I must say in closing this review, I really do not understand why so many people hate this anime. I’ve read it called pretentious among other things but I cannot see it. I can also say that my love for the series does not fall on nostalgia either because Be-Boy Kidnapp’n Idol was also one of the first boys love anime after Gravitation that I watched and I can see the faults in that anime but not this one. At the end of the day however opinions are just that opinions and if others think this anime is crap, well I cannot change their mind on that one. My opinion on this still stands however, Zetsuai / Bronze is a masterpiece of the boys love genre.



What I’ve been Watching in March!!


To say that my experience with reliable internet has been torture since the move last year would be a joke. I really do not know what was worse, the constant cut outs, the snail pace speed that rarely got above 6Mbps or my brothers constant complaining when he kept trying to play games online at that speed. Basically what this means is that up until recently I have been jumping through hoops to watch anime, even if that meant while Yuri on Ice was airing… I was staying up till 2am in the morning to watch it when the internet use to peak at 14M bps.

Now we have NBN internet which is this new internet the government has been rolling out over here in Australia and my speeds sit roughly between 25Mbps and 55Mbps, so I’ve been binge watching a lot of anime.

a18734-2055635283-1482315052Anime such as the hilarious Akiba’s Trip the animation which I have been looking forward to ever since the anime was announced a couple of months after my review of the second game. It has been a blast to watch though I must admit I have fallen behind and plan to catch up real soon, whether this can stand alone as an adaptation I’m honestly not sure yet, but a rewatch in the future will answer that.

As a good fujoshi I have of course also been keeping up with Super Lovers season 2 and… well let’s just say reader I am in need of giving this series another review after the completion of season 2 as there are subject matters within this anime I really would like to have an open discussion about.

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga has been a stand out favorite for me this season and each episode has left me on the edge of my seat and has inspired me to review not only this new season but the first season as well in the near future. This series relight the flame of passion inside me I once had for shounen anime and is probably why I have found myself in moments of boredom watching random clips from Naruto on YouTube.

I have yet to finish Interviews with Monster Girls and I went into this series not expecting much and have been enjoying a slow and comfy ride with this series. As for Chaos; Child, I came to the decision early on that I would wait until the series came to an end and then binge it in one sitting, something I do quite often with mystery series with an over arching story.

a18807-3379006205-1481158128I went into Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid with little expectations but found myself bored halfway through the second episode and ended up dropping it. Masamune-kun’s Revenge intrigued me with it’s premise but I quickly became jaded and disappointed with it, as it turned out for me at least to be another dime a dozen predictable romantic comedy of an anime. I did not even make it to the end of the first episode of elDLIVE before I said a great big nope and stopped watching and the same can be said for Fuuka. Both of these animes I went in with zero expectation and came out feeling the same.

One anime that did disappoint me greatly was Hand Shakers. I am a huge fan of the art style and story of K Project and was looking forward to see what would come out of GoHands next… so much disappointment.

Of course that was not all I’ve watched this month! To those of you who follow me on Twitter you will already know that I have finally sat down and watched Cheer Boys!! A sports anime about an all male cheer leading team. I love sports anime, but I think most fujoshi do at this point and this series was definitely a different take on the sports anime formula and it has been a blast to watch, I have even had moments where I am sitting on my bed cheering along with the boys, or cheering them on and don’t get me started on what an ear worm that opening theme is. This anime has become a favorite of mine and the story behind the anime itself is pretty cool as well.


I’ve also finally sat down and started watching Konosuba. Yes I know it was a big hit last year but at the time it did not appeal to me, but with how popular it has become, much like Sword Art Online when it first became big I decided to sit down and watch it. Unlike when I sat down and watched Sword Art Online however I have fallen in love with Konosuba and I love Aqua, which surprises me because she is the kind of character I usually hate but in this setting her characteristics don’t bug me. Actually now that I think about it, I have found all the characters very enjoyable.


 I also tried once again to watch Re:Zero and found myself bored by episode three so I am going to say it’s a permanent drop for me. I also watched all of Kiss Him, Not Me and Sekko Boys this month and these anime have been added to the ‘to review’ list which is quickly growing and another anime I have watched but am not sure if I will review it or not is Cuticle Detective, which was strange to say the least.

Also ended up  after a long time rewatching an old anime favorite of mine I finally found after the move from from the old house last year within my dvd collection; Interstella 5555: The Story of the Secret Solar System. This awesome movie is set to Daft Punks Discovery album with no character dialogue and is one of my all time favorite anime movies. I suppose I am biased being a big Daft Punk fan but if you love their music from the early 2000, you will love this movie.

That’s about it for this month, were there any stand out animes this season for you that you think I should give a go? Let me know in the comments below.

Another 9 Non Yaoi or BL Titles I Recommend for my Fellow Fujoshi!

anime, fujoshi

Well it would seem my lovely reader, that my other list considering of nine lovely recommendations for my fellow fujoshi has been one of my most popular posts, and I did promise we would take another look into some fun anime that I just know you will enjoy, maybe if your lucky you might enjoy them a little too much.

He is a God on a Mission – Priapus

bara, manga review, yaoi

priapusZeus is not happy with the state the world is in, he is disappointed with humanities disposition for conflict, war, and cruelty so he wants to put an end to the human race. The only problem, this Zeus does not like bloodshed (I say this because if you are familiar with Greek mythology, well Zeus was not this kind) so he leaves the task of eliminating the human race to Priapus the god of fertility and harvest.

Priapus declares open season on the male population for himself and makes his decision. I’ll just make it so they never breed again and make every single man gay for me! (Of course, practically we know this will never work, but as you read the manga you will find yourself rooting for this sexy god!)

If you are looking for a politically incorrect hilarious romp of a bara manga you will thoroughly enjoy this read, maybe even as much as Priapus enjoys himself and others, though I don’t think anyone can enjoy themselves as much as our god of harvest.

cbt9hntukaacwltPriapus comes from the artist known as Mentaiko, their artwork can go from muscular pretty boys all the way to burly, rugged and of course hairy men. The third of which is more popular within the bara fandom which is aimed mostly at gay men.

Also on a side note, I must warn all readers… if you are not ready for hardcore bara and do an internet search of Mentaiko’s work, whether it be through a search engine or on a site like Tumblr, you might want to turn on the safe search.


23902538_mPriapus takes an almost comedic parody approach to the bara genre however and that’s why I love it, in fact one chapter even parodies a popular magical girl anime that is sure to get a good laugh out of certain fujoshi as it did for me, I lost it laughing when I realized how far they were taking the joke. They did not just run with it they went full steam ahead with a very fun and messy conclusion.

This manga is yet another title not for every yaoi fan but if you want to further explore the world of Bara there is no better place for your second or even third step. If you are just curious about bara and not quite sure if it is for you I would recommend reading  Miscreant Next Door as it is a better first stepping stone into this different erotic side to the male on male fandom. It might not be for you, but maybe you are just curious as to what other fans enjoy.


Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai – Boys Love Classic Review

Anime Review, yaoi

This boys love classic from 1994 can at times be a difficult one to recommend, and I can assure you it is a must watch. This is not because of its subject matter but simply because it is known by two English titles. Some know it as ‘I Shall Never Return’ and others know it as ‘Our Road of no Return’ however, whichever title you know it by it is a classic of the yaoi genre.

bokuwakonomamakaeranai20Based on the manga of the same name and produced by J.C. Staff (a company that will come up in many boys love reviews I will be posting) it tells the story of the waning friendship between Ken Amufuji and Ritsuro Yoshinari. Both have deep emotions for the other but whereas Ken tries to confess his emotions to Ritsu without seeming to take the situation to seriously, Ritsu, in turn, does not know where his emotions towards Ken lie, he values him as a friend but does not know quite yet if his emotions are there.

Things quickly go downhill for the two however when Ritsu gets a girlfriend, Moeko but she is not completely loyal to Ritsu and spends an evening with his best friend. What follows is a flurry of confused emotions on all sides and all parties involved just wanted to know if their feelings will ever be validated.

bokuwakonomamakaeranai19The story quickly becomes a sort of love triangle with both Ken and Moeko wanting Ritsu to just treat them like the lover they want to be, this being a boys love anime should give you the hint as to who Ritsu chooses in the end.

Throughout this one episode anime, we get to see the personal journey’s of our two male leads as well as the effects their own actions have on those around them and this makes for a very fascinating a realistic story. Too often in romance and yaoi anime, the focus is very heavy on the main characters that we don’t often see the reaction of those around them. This makes Moeko inclusion to the story an interesting addition to the story and not an annoyance which a lot of female rivals can become in boys love stories.

72414837082531277404If I had one complaint about the anime, it is sadly the ending. In the last few minutes of the anime, there is a set up for a completely new conflict that goes nowhere. This is a common problem with a lot of anime from the nineties with the whole ‘go read the manga for more ending’. (See the original Berserk anime as a perfect example) I get it though, the anime is a sort of advertisement for the manga but it should be able to stand on its own story-wise in its own medium with a conclusive beginning, middle, and end.

Overlooking this odd place to end the story, however, the story that is here is worth the time of any fujoshi looking for something from the past to see and experience and old world anew.

Fanfiction Rec 13: Memories of You


I really wish there were more yaoi fans in the Fallout 4 community. Fallout 4 is by far my favorite game for the PS4. Don’t get me wrong I loved Final Fantasy 15, I really did but there is just something about Fallout 4 that pulls me in more. I honestly think it is the characters.

tumblr_o25rzwyrgu1th111po2_r1_500To any other yaoi fans out there that play Fallout 4, I’m not the only one that ships Vadim and Travis right? One of these days I’m going to write a fanfiction about those two. There is some obvious chemistry between the two of them, that’s my theory as to the real reason Vadim could not set Scarlet up with Travis and why it did not last.

Then there is John Hancock. He is probably my all-time favorite video game character at this point, what can I say this girl fell for that charismatic ghoul, today’s fanfiction rec is not about Hancock, Vadim or Travis however.

Unlike many of my other recommendations, this fic is a short one that tugs at the hearts strings of every fan of a certain synth detective and a male sole survivor with a different backstory to the one seen in the game.

641134186b2204abb538673c5f60de2fMemories of You comes to us from Casey_Wolfe over on Archive of Our Own, my personal favorite fanfiction site at the moment and tells an AU story that does not involve Nora or Shaun. Our vault dweller has a past with the original Nick Valentine and through the course of this fic we find out what the two meant to each other in the past.

I have to say this story is a must-read for any yaoi fan of Fallout 4, even if it is just a fluffy story with nothing kinky at all.

This is a beautiful, heartfelt story that makes me really wish I could romance Nick, well at least I can still pair Danse with my male vault dweller Aries.  (I know there is a mod to romance Nick, but I don’t like playing with Mods)

Stories From a BookShelf

random musing

In among the second hand literary classics on my bookshelf such as Dickens, King and Pratchet; as well as the occasional non fiction book on philosophy and modern subcultures sit’s a collection of brightly colored visual novels. These are a small part of my yaoi manga collection. All these books help shaped my views on the world over the years as well as taught me much about others and myself.

The collection of books does not grow as often as it once did (and truth be told they are not all display here, two plastic boxes sit outside in the shed maybe three I forget how many are out there filled to the brim with even more books). As we grow older it seems we might earn more money than in our younger years; but there is less money for hobbies these days. Evidence of new hobbies scatter the shelf a collection of G4 My little Pony toys and the occasional Pop Vinyl. A personal favorite being a John Hancock one, won on a night out in Fremantle a few years ago now.

An omnibus copy of Watchmen picked up after seeing the movie, a hardcover Deadpool comic given as a birthday present from a dear friend who get’s my twisted sense of humor and of course a much read and treasured hardcover copy of The Killing Joke, the beginning of my love as an adult of the Joker as a character. There also sits an unfinished collection of omnibus volumes of the Battle Royale manga, need to finish that collection one day. Lastly a copy of the Covenant of Primus; a tie in almost encyclopedia like novel that falls within the aligned continuity of Transformers that covers the history of the Primes. An awesome read for any Transformers fan, even if in my opinion the whole aligned continuity is nothing more than a pipe dream at this point.

Atop the shelf sits more ponies at the back a collection of a certain six ponies that were all a gift from the one that holds my heart close to his. A money box shaped like a red double decker  bus a London icon my mother found at store and bought for me as a gift, like a sign from her that she accepts my long time long distance relationship that still holds my heart, tight and safe.

A small collection of exactly three anime figurines also sit there. A knockoff Kowaru Nagisa figure picked up at a market for cheap that cannot even stand on it’s own. A pretty anime girl figure hiding an obvious secret when you see the stand is shaped like a male symbol. With those flowing lavender locks it’s none other than Jun Watarase from Happiness! My all time favorite trap. He was my first official figure purchase so many years ago the store I bought it at has moved locations twice since then and changed it’s name just as many times. It brings back memories of spending nearly every Sunday at one point in the city of Perth, myself from back then would get lost in the city now. So much has changed since then and is still changing all around me.

The last figurine is of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger and Bunny an anime I really should watch again. He looks so cool in his street attire you would not think someone so well put together could at times be such a lovable idiot, but then I remember the same could be said about my best friend at times.

These are just some of the stories and memories of my bookshelf, what does your book shelf say about you?