Ten Count Anime Announced

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As I was checking my twitter feed last night before bed and I saw the announcement. The timing of this announcement is just amazing that it came just hours after my previous post here. But yes Ten Count is getting an anime adaptation and I can tell you there are a lot of happy fujoshi and fudanshi in the world right now.


Ten Count itself is a manga by mangaka Takarai Rihito and has been praised by many for it’s realistic story of mysophobia and love within the yaoi genre and has been proof yet again that serious stories can be told within the genre. I look forward to seeing how this anime adaptation will turn out and hope that the anime does justice to what many are calling a modern masterpiece of the yaoi genre.


Boys Love and Anime News


There have been quite a few anime anouncements in the last week that have got this fujoshi hyped including the announcement of two boys love series, but first I want to start with the first announcement I saw last week that has me a little bit cautious because this series stems into nostalgia for me.


The original Sorceror Stabber Orphen was one of my favourite anime in high school, I absolutely adored it more than anything when it aired on Cartoon Network back when Adult Swim did an anime block. In fact the series was the first ever full boxset I bought. So with the recent announcement of a new adaptation to celebrate the 25th aniversary of the light novel series it is based I thought this is going to be so awesome! I’m really hoping it gets picked up by Animelab here for streaming because I know a few aussies in my age bracket who have a big nostalgia for this series.

This trailer, just this trailer for a Yarichin Bitch Club! I stumbled upon the manga this is based on about a month ago and I am in love with this series and to now find out it is getting an anime! This will be the series this year all the fujoshi will drool over, mark my word. I just hope it the anime doesn’t get censored too badly, because this one will get hot and heavy!


The last announcement comes from a manga series I must confess I am not familiar with, and as a fujoshi I am almost ashamed of myself for. The Most Huggable Man Has Threatened Me by Hashigo Sakurabi looks to be a very cute manga from what I have seen about it. Though I am not familiar with this series I am still hyped because this confirms that we are at least getting two boys love anime this year! And that my readers is amazing!

Have there been any recent anime announcements that have you hyped for the next couple of months? Anything you know about that you think maybe Mistress would be interested in? Let me know in the comments down below!

Nanbaka – Anime Review


What do you get when you take the over the top action of Deadman Wonderland, the humor of Adult Swim’s Superjail and so much fujoshi bait and banter that it will leave you giggling and squealing with glee? You get the sparkly, fluorescent wonder that is Nanbaka! I can not believe it has taken me this long to sit down and watch this series because I have absolutely fallen in love with Nanbaka!


Based on the manga of the same name by Sho Futamata with this being her only published work you can really see her love of the work in her social media and I would not be surprised if I found out the author was a fellow fujoshi because then, so much about this anime would make sense! The title of the manga Nanbaka is a play on a few different words, Nanba being the name of the prison where this insane story takes place, the word numbers and ‘baka’ meaning idiot. This could be why the series is nicknamed after the title of the first episode ‘Idiots with Numbers’ and believe me everyone in this anime is a loveable idiot. From the inmates to the guards and the most adorable of them all the Warden.


I adore the Warden and her one-sided love so much, her personality is basically how I picture Mistress of Yaoi 😛

As you can probably tell from all I have said above the story is set in a Nanba prison, the apparent toughest, hardest to break out of prison in the world and the four inmates who continue to try and escape, but they don’t really want to get away. They love it at Nanba, they escape for fun and to elevate boredom much to the anger of the head guard of their cell block. The manga itself started publishing in 2013 via NHN Japan’s Comico Webtoon app which just goes to show how much with the times the mangaka is and has an English release via crunchyrolls manga reading service. It should come as no surprise then that the anime has been released on Crunchyroll as well.  The anime consists of two seasons and one hilarious OVA and first released in October of 2016 so it is a couple year old now. I also want to give a big shout out to the awesome dub cast for this anime, because all of them were spot on and I must confess this is one of the few anime I have watched where I enjoyed the dub far more than the original. This could be because comedy works better in your native language because you are not reading the punchline in the sub before it happens.


These are dangerous criminals

Would I recommend this anime to everyone? Well no I would not, the humor can at times be dark and over the top which will not be to everyone’s tastes. Comedy is something that can be hard to recommend after all because what one person finds utterly hilarious might come off as an annoyance to the next person and completely offend the person after that. If you are a fan of anime like FLCL or Excel Saga and want something similar to these shows aimed at a yaoi/boys love audience then I would certainly recommend giving these idiots a go. If not but you still want something within the boys love and yaoi genre (not that I am saying this is a boys love title because I don’t think it is, but it will appeal to that fanbase) I would say look up the boys love classic Gravitation, especially the manga more so than the anime because that manga gets really really crazy.


One of the more insane moments from the Gravitation Manga


Twitter Poll Results Are In!

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Just scraping by the finish line when it came to voting this week, the winner of the next Boys Love review on Yaoi Playground is…


Looks like this is going to be a big review because Loveless as a franchise is something I have been wanting to dive head first into for a while! Thankyou everyone who took part in this vote!

Would You Buy Mistress of Yaoi A Coffee?

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I want to be up front and honest with all my readers, it has taken a lot of thought and I must confess I am swallowing some of my pride with this because I really do not like asking for help, I prefer helping others. The truth of the matter is that because my job as a cafe all rounder is not the most reliable as I only get called in when things busy I must confess I am struggling a bit financially.  I’m lucky in one sense of this however, I am not so much in bad situation that I won’t lose the roof over my head or starve but I am basically living from pay cheque to pay cheque. This means that things like saving up for the new blogging laptop to replace my old one have been put on the back burner as I am currently working towards getting my drivers license. Because of all of this I have opened a Ko-Fi account and you my readers will start seeing this little image on my posts.Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

I have seen this being used by many other bloggers and by using this I am not saying you have to donate for my content, just that now if you want to help support the growth of this blog you can no do so, think of it like a tip jar for Yaoi Playground.


Papa to Kiss in the Dark – Boys Love Classic Review

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Released in 2005 and based on the light novel by Ken Nanbara, this is one boys love classic I must admit I have been putting off reviewing because I was not sure how to tackle it exactly. It is an anime that delves into some questionable themes and with those themes being shown for comedic effect I seriously had to think about this one. Then I came to the realization that well it’s a story that though full of dramatic elements is not meant to be taken too seriously, which is made obvious by its comedic tone, though this will not be a boys love anime for everyone there is no denying the impact this OVA had on the genre and the fandom.

The anime tells the story of freshman high school student Mira, who just so happens to be in love with his father who is the famous heartthrob actor Kyousuke Munakata and Mira’s love for his father is not one-sided for Kyousuke also loves Mira very much as well. Though it is not confirmed in the anime for how long it becomes very obvious in the first scene of the anime that they have a very intimate relationship. If this kind of story makes you feel uncomfortable then I do not recommend this anime. The relationship between Mira and his father is made to be very adorable with Mira fantasizing about his papa and the two constantly teasing each other when alone.


One might be left wondering though how do those around Mira and Kyousuke react to there relationship? Well Mira’s friends seem very aware of what is going on to a certain level with Mira saying when he was just a small child that he wanted to grow up and be a bride for his papa. It did seem a bit odd that the media had not picked up on the unusual relationship between Kyousuke and his son but this could be because they are distracted by the beautiful actress who is spending a lot of time with Kyousuke out of the house who seems to have a secret connection to both Kyousuke and Mira.

Drama from the story comes when Mira begins to question his own feelings for  Kyousuke and Kyousuke’s feelings for him, though this drama is resolved surprisingly quick and the OVA does have a sort of happy ending. One scene in particular that stood out to me when I first watched the anime was the ‘milk’ scene. See before watching this OVA I did not know that milk was a term sometimes used for sperm, it makes me giggle now much like the ‘corn’ scene from My Sexual Harassment .


Though this is one boys love anime that won’t be for everyone, whether it is the age difference between the two main characters or the incest element if you can look past those issues you will find an amusing and at times heartwarming OVA that I will confess is a guilty pleasure for this fujoshi. Do you have an anime within your favorite genre that you consider a guilty pleasure? Let me know below because I have more than one guilty please anime and a guilty pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of.

New Poll Up on Twitter!

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That’s right I am at it again with another new Twitter poll and this months poll is about which boys love series you would love to see reviewed first here on Yaoi Playground. The choices this time around are the following…




Gakuen Heaven




Junjou Romantica S1

As always I look forward to seeing what the result this time around will be.


First Stretch Goal Cleared! — Y Press Games


We hit a stretch goal!! Help us get many more! Read the update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/702614894/to-trust-an-incubus-bara-yaoi-bl-gay-dating-sim-vi/posts/2137735

via First Stretch Goal Cleared! — Y Press Games

A Big Congratulations to Yaoi Press for reaching the first stretch goal! Let’s keep supporting them because those threesome endings would be soooo hot!!!


First Impression – Small World

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I had been meaning to check out the website LINE WEBTOON for a while now and seeing as I was looking through the app store last night and came across the sites app I figured now was as good a time as any to check them out. There is still a hole in this fujoshi’s heart when it comes to Lezhin Comics, I still have their app on my phone but I have not touched it since the end of January for reasons… The only reason I still have the app is that of Koogi and Killing Stalking in all honesty, but enough depressing stuff. I want to tell you guys about a really adorable little webcomic I found on Webtoon called Small World. This webtoon is pure fluff and I love it!


As soon as I opened the app this little webtoon caught my eye with its two cute characters of Robin and Julian, they are just soo adorable! Each episode is not very long just a couple of panels but that is ok because this is a short gag comedy series. Now I must admit gag comedy is something I am not a huge fan of. With the exception of anime like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, and Excell Saga not much else in the genre has really grabbed me, but this sweet little webtoon brought a smile to this fujoshi and I just know I will be coming back every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for new episodes!


Yaoi Playground March Update 2018

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Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a new mid month update post each month for Yaoi Playground. In these updates I will be sharing some of the most recent of posts, let you guys know what I am working on and share some yaoi news from around the net!


OWLS Squad Blog Tour|The Broken Friendship That Turned Into My OTP I can not tell you guys how happy I am for all the positive feedback I have been getting for this post. I was a little bit worried that this might come across as too weird, my fears were put aside however with all the positive feedback I have been getting from my fellow owlets and you my readers and also do not forget to follow along with the blog tour and check out all the other amazing OWLS posts this month!


Never Be Ashamed of Your Passions was one of those posts I have been wanting to write for a while and I am so happy with how it has turned out, but what I am loving even more is the amount of amazing feedback I have been getting for this post. This is one of the biggest messages I want to share with Yaoi Playground, so to all my followers and friends feel free to share this post where you like! Also this month Yaoi Playground hit an amazing milestone with reaching 200 followers. This might seem like a small number to some, but with how niche yaoi can be at times I just have to say again a great big thank you to each and every one of my followers.

Now I know you guys have been waiting patiently but I am still working on my upcoming review of Papa to Kiss in the Dark which is the anime that won the last twitter poll. It is nearing completion and should be up this Sunday. Another project I am currently working on is the review of a beautifully animated short film that will bring a tear to any fujoshi or fudanshi’s eye that explores themes of sexuality and gender rolls, and those who follow me on twitter might have already seen me praise this animation when I shared it about a month ago. I am also currently working on a review of an indie side scrolling beat em up bara game that was made for gay gamers by gay gamers but as a fujoshi who loves a lot of bara could not resist playing and got quite a bit of a lot of enjoyment out of this fun game.


While on the subject of games I want to send a big congratulations to the folks over at Yaoi Press who reached their kickstarter goal for To Trust an Incubus with heaps of time left for some very yummy sounding stretch goals. This is going to be an awesome game and I hope it’s success will see more yaoi and bara games made in the western market, because let’s face it there is an audience her for it. If you have yet to show your support or to check out the demo of the game it can be found here.


I hope you all enjoyed this post, if so let me know and I will do this again next month and if not also let me know, till next time remember Mistress of Yaoi says Never be Ashamed of Your Passions, till next time share the yaoi love my fellow fujoshi and fudanshi!