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There has been some absolutely amazing posts throughout this month from my fellow OWLS and if you are following along you will know that the theme this month has been Movement and you would have already read the amazing post from Shokamoka all about One Punch Man, I know I did and I absolutely loved it! As stated this month’s theme is Movement and oddly enough by pure chance this gave me the perfect chance to end this month of Fujoshi on the perfect subject, a brief history on the movement that began all this drama. But first when we talk about Movement here on the blog tour we mean the following….

We join movements, organizations, and systems that align with our personal values and beliefs. Sometimes we join these groups because they believe in doing good and making positive changes in society. However, these movements can turn sour when a dictator arises behind the good intentions, there’s a hidden agenda of oppression. It is in these groups that individuals start to shape their identities by questioning their values and beliefs or conforming to the system.

Throughout this month on Yaoi Playground I have been delving into the less happy side of the fujoshi fandom. From toxic fandoms past and present, to the legal issues that can ensure within the fandom for a fujoshi, you might be wondering one thing. If this fandom is so toxic why does it continue to grow so much? That is a more difficult question to answer, but it did start with a movement in the doujinshi and manga world back in the 1970’s and that movement is the subject of my blog tour post this month.


There were a lot of revolutions happening in the world of manga and anime back in the 70’s and one that is not talked about as often as many others is the Shoujo boom that began seeing not only the increase of stories written for women by women but also saw the beginning of the genre we would know today as Yaoi and Boys Love. Gender norms were already being explored within shoujo at the time with works like The Rose of Versailles and Princess Knight taking on gender norms and stereotypes within their pages and then later in their perspective anime adaptations. At the same time however another genre had began. A genre of romantic stories pairing men with other men by woman for a female readership. Some might wonder where the term yaoi itself came from during this time?


The word Yaoi itself is a japanese acronym for the following.

YAma nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi which when translated can be read as No Climax, No Point, No Meaning. It is believed that manga great Osamu Tezuka was the first to use this statement to describe the boy on boy stories that were being circulated at the time because he believed many of them were well a pointless poor quality kind of manga. If only he knew what was on the growing horizon when it came to this genre and the fans it would create. Though he must have known something even back then. From obvious scenes of male fan service pandering in his popular series Black Jack to homosexual content in his adult series MW (though like many works of the era when homosexual characters were introduced they were quite often bad guys) I can not recommend enough looking into Osamu Tezuka’s more adult aimed content when you get the chance, the god father of anime was a brilliant man indeed and for beyond his time.

Through these works and many others of course a new type of fan emerged that being the fujoshi. The term Fujoshi in of itself is a self defecating one in that means ‘rotten girl’ and this does not come from the toxicity of the fandom in it’s present state. Woman who like such taboo must not be ‘proper’ women after all this is something not discussed in normal society right? Well maybe it was just behind closed doors, its hard to say because before the internet it was very hard to see where this all really started.

The invent of the internet and online communities saw a huge influx of fan communities especially in the early 2000’s a subject I went into in detail with my post A Brief History of Fanfiction this is where we see the growth of the modern fujoshi within many fan communities. For many like myself the genre of yaoi and boys love gave us the chance to explore themes we could not before. It was a kind of revolution of movement for women to explore sexual content that did have a female character as a submissive character. This could have also been found within Yuri but this is a subject I am very lacking knowledge in. Being a fujoshi gives a freedom to be pervertive which many would not find elsewhere with fear of being labeled a deviant or worse. It is a chance for growth and all growth comes with growing pains.

This is where we see the young crazy fangirls that can get on the nerves of those around them. The over enthusiastic fangirls that fujoshi are best known for. But as we grow older I like to think most of us mature and grow a more level head when it comes to online discussion. Of course I am not blind to think this goes for everyone. Some people never really mature when it comes to behavior online, but I do ask do not judge a whole fandom for the group of a small few who just happen to have the loudest voice within a fandom.

Yaoi started a movement that turned into what we know as modern fujoshi culture and as I have shown throughout this month on Yaoi Playground it is not a place of rainbows and everyone getting along, but it is the fandom I love so dearly.

There is one more stop this month on the OWLS blog tour and that goes to the wonder BeckNaja! I look forward to seeing what the final post this month will be about!!!



Right, So… Let’s Talk About Dreaming Goddess

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Vile. Deplorable. Triggering. The most disturbing thing they have ever read. We must report this to the creator of Yuri on Ice so they can sue the creator of this disgusting doujinshi!!! These were the reactions around the internet when it came to the controversial doujinshi Dreaming Goddess. First appearing on MyReadingManga in October of 2017, Dreaming Goddess quickly caused a stir within the western Yuri on Ice fandom for it’s extreme and graphic themes of rape, gore and body modification which could all come under the classification or genre of Ero Guro much like the manga I reviewed last October Notpia, which was my unfortunate introduction to the world of Ero Guro and I came to the conclusion that this was a genre I was not going to be a fan of.

1 (2)

My introduction to Ero Guro came from one of the more hardcore sources and I don’t recommend this manga for anyone new to the concept of Ero Guro

Now, if there is one thing that is made obvious by the Yuri on Ice fandom, it is that they really like the fluffy sexy side of yaoi when it comes to the content they choose to enjoy within the fandom. Which can at times come across as odd when one remembers that a large portion of the Killing Stalking fandom started off in the Yuri on Ice fandom, but then again this could also come down to a want to keep the themes explored within one fandom separate to the other. What one enjoys in one fandom might not be what they enjoy in another fandom after all. I myself consider myself within several different fandoms that explore different genres and themes. That being said I am not against a crossover of themes or characters for a little light fun every now and again.


A crossover with something of complete opposite themes can sometimes be hilarious

At the same time though, I get it. You see your fandom in a certain way. There are certain themes you find triggering or upsetting and you do not want to see your favorite characters involved in those themes and situations. Well then let’s look at this another perspective then. You love your yaoi and yuri ships but not everyone in the fandom will like the boy on boy ships or girl on girl ships, heck they might even be downright disgusted by them or maybe that is just not their thing. They don’t see the characters the same way as you and you know what, that is their opinion and they are allowed to have that opinion without being harassed and bullied and the same goes for you and the ships you love. If this was just a case of fans not liking what they found within this doujinshi I would have written this post months ago back when the backlash was at its height and discussed the themes within it, heck I probably would have been able to get a tonne of views out of it if I had done so. Unfortunately, there was more to this than just a doujinshi with content people did not like and this is where the ugly side of the fandom reared its head and you know what? I’m not talking about the creator or translators of this doujinshi when I write this.

If you do not like something within or some part of the fandom, you do not have to take part in it. Especially when that material is clearly labeled to contain disturbing themes that might be triggering. It would be the equivalent of touching a hot stove and then complaining you got burned. As I watched the fall out from this doujin spread through both the yaoi and Yuri on Ice community, I found myself once again reminded of the drama we had seen months earlier with the Tokyo Ghoul fandom. Though this was different because this was a fan work and not the work of the original creator. We can not forget the Yuri on Ice fans who were trying to share the work with the original creator of the series and telling them they should sue to doujin artist for what they did, that is a very slippery slope you are asking the creator to traverse down. Doujinshi and other fan works are already on the edge of a cliff when it comes to copyright and going after one could start an avalanche that could see the slow end of a very active part of many fandoms.

The doujinshi was quickly taken down from the many sites it was uploaded to. This was mostly because of fan outrage towards the work and its creator. But as I looked more into the creator it became obvious that they never even wanted this work to be shared online. This was a piece of fan work that was created for a very specific section of the community, that most likely being those within the fandom who also have an interest in ero-guro. Yes there is a huge fandom for this material and you will find it within many fandoms not just yuri on ice and it is more prevalent in the yaoi fandom than one might originally think.


Dramatical Murder has many ero-guro moments in its bad endings, one of the most infamous being the Clear Bad Endings that do include limb amputation.

The creator of the doujin was harassed, bullied and even received death threats to the point that they had to shut down all social media accounts. Yes, the content within was not something you or others within your group of friends within a fandom liked, but the fact of the matter is this. Everyone has different tastes in what they like, something you yourself find absolutely deplorable another might like with morbid curiosity. I myself when it comes to the media I enjoy within any fandom know I have high limits for certain subject matters. I, for example, have made it clear I am not a fan of rape without consequence, that being stories where a character is raped and now they love their rapist now. I am also not the biggest fan of waterworks and absolutely despise anything that involves scat, and if you do not know what those two terms mean…. well there is probably a very good reason for that and if you must look up what they mean, turn your safe search on I implore you.

What I am trying to get at is this. You do not have to take part in every part of the fandom you love because you will not like or enjoy everything you find within. You will find triggering content, and you will find the content you do not like. But so fucking what? If you do not like something that does not give you the right to bully and harass the creator of that content. You just do not take part in that part of the fandom. As long as these disturbing and disgusting themes are kept in the realm of fiction, are they really hurting anyone? Yes, they can be triggering, but when content is that extreme it will always have a warning and it is your choice whether or not you choose to listen to that warning or not.

Also yes this goes for stuff I am not a fan of as well such as The Tyrant Falls in Love. This series has a lot of fans, it’s just not my thing and I might not understand why others love this series so much, but I don’t hate them for doing so.

One last side note before I finish this post, do not ask me where to find this doujinshi. The artist has stated they no longer want the work shared due to the backlash they have received and I will respect the artists wishes on this one and not share. Have you ever come across a piece of fan work that you took an immediate dislike to? I will admit this Doujin came close to my limits, till next time my readers.

Wotakoi It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku Episode 5 Review


Most Adorable Little Brother Ever!!!

Hirotaka has the most adorable little brother ever and he just steals the show in this episode but that’s not to say there was not some really interesting character development. From Tarou’s own insecurities coming out through a sort of proxy jealousy for Hirotaka during an incident at the beginning of the episode makes for some really interesting character development.

Also Narumi’s encouragement of ‘brotherly bonding’ without coming across as creepy is a pleasant surprise. With her being a fujoshi character they really could have gone down a route that has been done by fujoshi characters before in the past. I’m really glad they didn’t and can once again really appreciate the more realistic and not over the top fujoshiness of our female leads.

The introduction of Hirotaka’s adorable little brother gave the episode some really adorable emotional weight and he was an instantly lovable character I really hope we get to see again.


Look at this pure ray of Sunshine!!! 


Also I apologize for this review being a week late, I have fallen a little behind on watching this series due to internet issues, other Australians will understand when I say how fucking useless the NBN is.

2nd Banana Fish PV Released!


Well this was something awesome to wake up to this morning, sorry for the quality but the video is only available on Dailymotion for the time being, but the second  PV upcoming gritty boys love anime Banana Fish just looks amazing! It seems like with many modern adaptations of manga from the 70’s and 80’s they have moved the story of Banana Fish to a near modern setting instead of being set in the 80’s (Devilman Crybaby and Parasyte the Maxim also had these with their adaptations) but other than that this looks like like it is going to be an awesome anime! It has also been confirmed that the series has been licensed for streaming through Amazon.

I am cautiously optimistic with this one, I really love the manga for Banana Fish and really hope this series does the manga justice.


BJ Alex – First Impression

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The following review for BJ Alex will cover up to chapter 24 and I will most likely make more posts on this ongoing series in the future.

Cool, confident and maybe a little bit arrogant about his sexual conquests, that is how BJ Alex comes across to his fans. He is the complete opposites of one of his most devoted fans Dong-Gyun who could be described as a pathetic little pushover who let’s those around him push him around, but a chance meeting with an upperclassman at school has Dong-Gyun coming face to face with the man he has spent nights fantasizing about. But fantasies never really live up in real life. Is there a spark between these two complete opposites?



I find myself in a bit of a pickle my readers I must admit, before continuing this review. There is some amazing boys love and yaoi titles available on Lezhin, but I am at a moral impasse. I am still boycotting Lezhin for their treatment of their artists, but at the same time I have been asked over the last few months, Mistress when are you going to do a full review of BJ Alex? I will admit right here and now, I have been keeping up with the manhwa I fell in love with over on Lezhin but I have not been purchasing them through the website, I have been reading them elsewhere on the internet. I want to support the artists, so I feel I can do this by giving them feedback and reviews of their work through right here on Yaoi Playground and then let you my readers and possibly their readers who come here make the choice whether or not to support Lezhin or not. With that out the way, what do I think of BJ Alex by Mingwa?


I must confess, I am in love with this story of sexual awakening, exploration, and self-discovery because as the story moves forward these themes are becoming more prevalent for both leads. From Dong-Gyun’s inexperience and curiosity to Alex beginning to learn that there may be more to sexuality than just well the sex side of it and that there may be something else out there he finds himself craving it is a story that leaves this fujoshi wanting to come back for more and the latest introduction and learning about our BJ’s past well, I’m probably not the only one who got a slight reminder of Christian Grey though I really hope that if the author is going to go down the and with recent chapters it seems they are going to go down into the world of BDSM that they do so in a more respectful and intelligent way than Fifty Shades of fucked up. I am not a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, perhaps that is yet another post as to why in the future. I will admit I am a fan of reading stories based on this subculture.


BJ Alex is quickly becoming a modern classic of the yaoi genre within the manhwa industry much like Killing Stalking and it is so great to see these in-depth yaoi stories and as much as I love my light and fluffy yaoi like Small WorldSmall World, let’s face it a lot of us modern fujoshi are leaning more towards the more in-depth storylines within the genre.


Yaoi Playground May 2018 Update!

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I have so much going on this month that I thought it was time for another update from yours truly, your Mistress of Yaoi! Yes I am doing a proper update post this month even though I did not do one last month, but to be honest last month got kind of crazy for me and I did not really have much spare time and the same goes for this month sort of. See I am currently working towards a certificate that will open more job opportunities for me in the small country town I work in, the job market is not that great out here so anything I can do to help my chances I am going to take. Plus I have kind of been distracted as of late with my latest fanfiction obsession, hint hint I am bringing back Fanfiction Rec next month! I’m really excited to bring these posts back to Yaoi Playground. If you are not familiar with these posts well I am of the belief than fanfiction is a big part of the yaoi fandom and like to share some of the gems I find in various different communities. Plus writing these posts gives me an excuse to message some of my favourite fanfiction authors.

There has been a theme with posts this month on Yaoi Playground, that being the negative connotations that can come with being a fujoshi without going into too much hate and I have explored these themes so far this month with the following posts so far.


In my post Hetalia – Was The Fandom as Bad as They Say? I explored a fandom that was described by many to be plagued by the fujoshi disease and how toxic a fandom it became in it’s heyday and how things have calmed down over time. In a sort of follow up to that post I released It Should be Common Sense in the Yaoi Fandom Right? I tackled a subject matter within the yaoi community that has been bugging me for quite a few years now. In this post I discuss the issue of sharing restricted content with minors and the implications that doing so can have on older members of the community. I was really nervous about this post, so I want to give a big thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on this one. But I want to give a special thanks to fellow fujoshi and blogger Mel who featured the post on her blog! If you have not already you should really check out her awesome blog! Another post I am really proud of is finally finishing my review of the western yaoi title Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body which has been one of the most amusing reads in a long while.


And A little Aomine fanservice for the lovely Mel!

My anime watching has slowed down a fair bit this month due to me being busy with, well we will call it another obsession for now. I’ve really got caught up in a certain fandom over the last few weeks but I won’t be going into that until next month. I was watching and reviewing episodes of two shows this season, though I have already stopped watching one series because it was boring me to tears and that was disappointingly so. I am a fujoshi with a slight butler obsession (I’m talking probably on the same level as Miss Kobayashi’s obsession with maids) and I just found myself bored by the end of episode 2 but gave it one more chance with episode 3 and just completely lost interest, Butlers x Battlers completely lost me. Now Wotakoi It’s Difficult To Love an Otaku on the other hand, these nerds are just way too adorable!!! Plus this anime just hits almost way to close to home for me, a fujoshi and a gamer dating? that’s me and my wonderful other half! When I described some of the scenes from certain episodes to him, he joked about our laptops or bedrooms possibly being tapped, yeah that’s how close to home this anime has hit me. I am only really following two other series at this point in the season, that being Magical Girl Ore, which still cracks me up with every single new episode and Tokyo Ghoul :Re. I have admittedly not started My Hero Academia yet as I have just been busy, well that’s not completely true I have watched the first episode and the same can kind of be said for Food Wars. I will most likely marathon these shows once the seasons are complete.

As for stuff I am working on I have something special planned for my OWLS post later this month and if you follow me on twitter you will know that I have a much awaited review on the way, yep I am finally working on a full review of BJ Alex! Something I am sure many of you my readers will enjoy!


Also if you want to help support me and this blog take a moment to consider supporting me through Ko-Fi, I know it’s not much but I am still saving up to replace my blogging laptop so any donation big or small really helps me out.

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Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body Vol 1-2 Review

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The Yaoi Army is a publishing company I have been keeping an eye on for a while now, as I try to keep an eye out for new publishing companies in the western market that release yaoi specific stories and I have to say with what I have seen over the last few months from The Yaoi Army it would seem that they know exactly how to market to yaoi fans in the west and upon finding one of their works Fujoshi Trapped in the Perfect Seme’s Body on the Webtoon app well it gave me a chance to read some of their content finally.

Fujoshi_1_360xThis was quite the amusing read I must say even though at times it could be a little cringy, but that was only because how spot on they get the main character of this story. Misa Nanase is a fujoshi of the hopeless degree, something at times I consider myself but that’s a story for another time, my readers. She is downright obsessed with all things yaoi, she reads it constantly when at home, hides it from her parents and even ships her classmates! But it goes further than this and this is where our heroine becomes what I call the hopeless kind of fujoshi. She is so obsessed with yaoi that she wants to be apart of the fantasy world of yaoi, she wants to grow a penis become a handsome man and have some yaoi fun, but of course as the old saying goes ‘be careful what you wish for, you might just get it’ and sometimes getting what we wish for isn’t the greatest thing in the world we thought it would be.

Penis envy is a conversation topic that I have sadly had come up in conversation with other anime fans when the ‘discussion’ of fujoshi and yaoi fangirls comes up, so to speak. I assure you that pun was not completely on purpose. But that discussion itself comes up in one of my older posts, My Life as a Yaoi Fangirl – Dealing with Misconceptions and Hate. I do not doubt that there are fujoshi out there that may feel this way, but at the same time I do see it kind of insulting to think that all fujoshi feel this way, but it comes with the territory of being stereotyped as a fujoshi I suppose. That being said this story is a good one to read as a fujoshi if you can laugh at yourself and the fandom you love.

The first and second volume of this series is available to be read on Webtoon and looking through The Yaoi Army official website there is a lot of really nice merch, the bookmarks that look like mini dakimakuras are both hot and adorable and the option to purchase paperback copies of the story as well as some extra stories is also pretty cool. I found the overall story of the first two volumes a mixed bag of hilariously cringy, downright adorable and overall a very amusing read and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to read more yaoi aimed at a western market.


Wotaku It’s Difficult to Love An Otaku Episode 4 Review


These adorable dorks! I love this anime so so much, just damn these adorkable relatable adults. It must get boring coming back each week to me gushing over these lovelies but I just can not help it. I was not expecting to love this anime as much as I am. The level of enjoyment I am getting from this series is the level of enjoyment I was hoping to get from the other series that I dropped based on it’s premise alone.


I want more of these two!!!!

The feels from this episode just damn and it was so awesome to see some growth and back story to the secondary couple of the series and then to have both boys crossplay for their girlfriends, I know it’s not every fujoshi’s fantasy to do that one, but I think a lot of us have let our minds wander there. But it was the final moments of this episode after the credits that just made my heart melt, filled to the brim with feels. Another awesome episode!

It Should be Common Sense in the Yaoi Fandom Right?

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There is one simple statement I really must share with the community. Hardcore yaoi content is 18+ content, so please, please do not share it with those under 18, because if you do no matter where in the world you might live you are putting yourself at risk of consequences that happen all too often in the yaoi community.


It’s story time from yours truly Mistress of Yaoi with a word of caution to my fellow fujoshi. Over the years I have been a part of many different communities online, most of them being anime ones. There have also been times when I have had to step back from various communities because one thing has become clear to me. There are many yaoi communities online that have at times had an influx of members that really should not be part of these communities. I do not care about how mature you think you are, if you are under 18 and have an interest in boys love and yaoi you need to be very careful with what content within the community you view. As for the older members you need to be careful with who you share hardcore content with. The distribution of pornographic content of any kind to a minor can have dire consequences that can have you labeled as a pedophile for sharing such content with minors.