Aarinfantasy Needs Help From the Yaoi Community!

If you have been a part of the online yaoi and boys love community for any amount of time, the name Aarinfantasy will have been noticed or mentioned. The Aarinfantasy forums are one of the biggest gathering places for yaoi fans on the net as well as one of the oldest yaoi communities around. Earlier today on the sites official Facebook page a plea for … Continue reading Aarinfantasy Needs Help From the Yaoi Community!

Doukyuusei – Boys Love Review

Falling in love is the easy part, maintaining and keeping the relationship, that is where the real challenge lies. First loves can be messy and cumbersome affairs of the heart and they can be even more complicated when they happen within our teen years. Hormones racing us forward towards the cusp of adulthood and not quite yet knowing ourselves or our place in the world. … Continue reading Doukyuusei – Boys Love Review