Yami no Matsuei – Boys Love Classic Review

Back when I first entered the yaoi anime fandom in the early 2000’s Yami no Matsuei was one of the few boys love anime that was a full series and I found myself watching it not long after I finished watching Gravitation. I was looking for something else within this genre to watch that wasn’t just a one or two off OVA. Back then this anime had quite a large following within the fujoshi community, one character, in particular, had a large following. That being the bad guy of the series Dr. Muraki. I bring this up because I find myself wondering something. In this current age of fujoshi and anime, would fans latch onto this character now like they did back then? Well if the continued rising popularity of stories like Killing Stalking in the fandom is anything to go by, I believe that answer is yes.

Released in 2000 and produced by studio J.C Staff Yami no Matsuei is a boys love anime with a heavy focus on the mystery and supernatural. In the world of this anime series shinigami monitor, the deaths of humans in the living plain and the series follows happily go lucky Asato Tsuzuki and his mysterious new partner Kursaki Hisoka. The anime is divided into four arcs which each encompass a case the two are investigating but as these investigations go on it becomes clear that there is something else going on behind the scenes and that something else is connected to the mysterious Dr. Kazutaka Muraki, who has a strange obsession with Tsuzuki. As more of his madness is revealed the series dives into the darker themes, which I suppose explains the English title for the series Descendants of Darkness.  The series does balance these themes with comedy that will make you smile and endear you to the cast, though there are a few moments where the comedic tone change can feel a little out of place and just makes you feel sad.


One of the biggest pluses of this series is its characters. The main cast of  Dr. Muraki, Tsuzuki, and Hisoka get plenty of screen time to really explore their characters and they all get some very interesting development as the story moves forward. One complaint I have seen from many who have read the manga that this series is based on is that many of the characters pushed to the background had a more major part in the story found within the manga. As for myself? I like to believe an adaptation can stand on its own as a piece of media without a need to know the source material and this can mean that an adaptation cannot be exactly the same as the source material. Because what works in one medium might not work in different on. When I first watched this series I had not yet read the manga and was able to enjoy the anime series on its own merit. Some of the subtle symbolism in the manga series is lost in the anime, but you don’t need to get it to enjoy the story the anime shares.


Though at its core a play on the comedy cop drama type of story, Yami no Matsuei brings a supernatural twist. If you are looking for anime series with similar themes but a different story Mirage of Blaze is a boys love anime with a touch of mystery and the supernatural and if you are looking for a cop drama in the boys love genre with a very very small hint of supernatural there is also the OVA for Fake.

Till next Time Mistress of Yaoi says, love, what you love and don’t be ashamed of it!


Discussing Humanity, Philosophy and Parasyte (the final edit version)

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My review of Parasyte the Maxim Discussing Philosophy, Humanity and Parasyte was an unfinished piece I was working on the night before our internet got cut off at the old house. In my tired state I scheduled the unfinished piece to be uploaded at a certain date before the final edit. I came to this realization last week when I was informed that it had been posted.

I must admit a part of me was mortified that an unfinished work had been made public but without internet there was nothing I could do, then the comments and email notifications started coming through, you guys loved my unfinished work to the point it was being praised by other bloggers. It was because of this that I won’t be taking down the old post, but being the kind of person who cannot leave a project unfinished so here is the completed post.

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Mistress was Nominated for The Unique Bloggers Award!

It has been a long while since I have had a chance to take part in one f these nomination posts and I do hope my answers are amusing for everyone, especially Crimson613 over at Crimson is Blogging who nominated me for this. Thankyou!


The Rules!

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If you could turn into any mythical creature, which would you be and why? And what would you do as this mythical creature?


Now there is a question I have not been asked before but I think I have the right answer for me. I would want to be a Phoenix! I wish I could go into detail as to why, but the truth is it has just always been my favourite mythical creature.

Oh no! It’s the zombie apocalypse! What are your weapons of choice (up to 3 that you can realistically carry around) and what 3 bloggers would be on your survival team? Yes I’m thinking something similar to L4D

I can wack pretty hard with a baseball bat thanks to my youthful days of playing baseball so I would choose that as a weapon and I would also since I most often play as a sni[er in Fallout 4 I would give something like that a go. (I know very little about guns outsisde of video games). I would also have my backpack filled with all sorts of goodies for everyone to use. From food and Medical supplies to grenades and supplies to make Molotov Cocktails . As for my survival team from my fellow bloggers? Well I reckon a team of hard hitting Aussie Ladies would be pretty awesome so I would choose Two Happy Cats and Lita, after all we already live in the country where everything is trying to kill you.

Related to Q2, what is your zombie apocalypse team survival playlist? Add as many or few songs as you’d like!

Let’s keep with the Aussie theme of this one and go with some hard rock aussie music with an AC/DC playlist! Songs like ThunderstruckHighway to Hell and Shoot to Thrill are a must, but the truth is any one of their albums would be perfect.


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What I’m Watching Fall 2017

A new anime season has begun and damn this year is just flying by!!! I was not really sure what I was going to watch this season with the exception of three anime, but after spending Saturday morning checking out a few other shows I have a list of what I am following this season!



Mahoutsukai No Yome

I like many have been excited for this series for months! I got hooked on the world of this series months ago when I saw the first of the three prequel OVA’s that were released. After watching the first ep of this one I can say this tale has been so worth the wait. It tells the story of young Chise a girl with nothing who has been taken in by a strange man who has announced that she is to be his apprentice in magic and his future bride. I cannot wait to see where this story will take us and I am already in love Ainsworth!


Taishou Chiichai-San

Hiiragi Kyouichirou is a boy who travels from his provincial town to Tokyo to attend university. He carries with him his family’s sword to protect himself. When he arrives in Tokyo, he becomes swept up in a plot by the Imperial army. – Synopsis from MAL

I don’t really know much going into this short form anime. Only that it is based on a boys love visual novel which was enough reason for me to give the anime a looksie. The first episode was very adorable with the main character turning into a chibi version of himself and I am looking forward to seeing where this show will go.


Imouto Sai Ireba Ii

I blame for Oriemo for starting this trend with me, but I find a lot of laughter and enjoyment with anime with characters with sister complex’s. So when I heard about this upcoming series I know I had to watch it. And I lost it laughing with how trashy the first episode was. I might be a hardcore fujoshi who loves all kinds of boys love and yaoi but anime about siscons is a guilty pleasure of mine…


Tsukipro The Animation

The more I look into this series the more I find myself wondering what have I gotten myself into. This anime is about a talent agency known as Tsukipro and with everything I have looked at and I think they are a real agency that promotes 2.5D bands, but that just gave me more questions than answers. The anime itself feels like pure fujoshi bait with it’s cast of color co-ordinated hotties and the mix of 2-D and 3-D computer animation can go from looking gorgeous in some scenes to… that uncanny valley feeling 3-D can have. But the characters are interesting enough for me to continue watching this one for the time being, if I drop anything later on from this post it will probably be this one.


Recovery of an MMO Junkie

A few months ago I fell in love with the Chinese anime The King’s Avatar, a series that explored the world of competitive online gaming and esports. Though this anime does not go down that path exactly I love anime about people getting absorbed into an obsession and when I read that this anime like King’s Avatar was going to explore the player behind the character and not just the game, well I was intrigued. This is another series I look forward to seeing where it will go.


Well those are the anime I have checked out so far this season and decided to continue watching. I still have a few more to check out and will probably post a part 2 to this list later on this week! What anime are you watching this season? Was there anything you were hyped for? Let me know in the comments below!

6 Supernatural Anime For Fujoshi this Spooky Season!

Looking for something to sink those fujoshi teeth into this spooky season? Well I think Mistress of Yaoi has just the list for you and guess what? It’s this list! Now there sadly are not that many yaoi or boys love anime that could be called horror, but there are a few anime series with supernatural elements that will make your yaoi loving heart swoon I can assure you!

1. Kuroshitsuji


Why not go back to where the tale of a young boy and his demon of butler all started with the original series of Kuroshitsuji? This anime is a classic for many a fujoshi and though technically not a boys love or yaoi series, there is certainly enough fanservice here to enjoy.

A crime drama at it’s core that delves into the supernatural if you have not already checked out this series then shame on you because it is one anime that should be on the bucket list of any fujoshi or fudanshi.

2. Supernatural the Animation


Did you know the tv show Supernatural has an anime adaptation? Well it does and if you love the live action series you will love this 22 episode series and the best part you don’t have to watch the original series to enjoy this one!

3. Kimera


Now for a vampire boys love anime worth checking out! Kimera is a strange anime in the boys love genre because it plays with your expectations when it comes to gender which is why it can be decisive among yaoi fans. A mysterious vampire encased in a pod, a cereal salesman and a crooked scientists are just some of the interesting characters you will find in this OVA, plus the ending scene to the anime seems eerily similar to a Hollywood movie about a killer robot from the future.

4. Mirage of Blaze


Takaya Ougi just wants to be a normal high schooler and to protect those precious to him. Especially his best friend. Things become complicated however when he finds out that he is the reincarnation of a Feudal Lord from the past and now he must fight off evil spirits and complications from his past reincarnations relationship with Nobutsuna Naoe. This series is a melodramatic boys love classic that is another series I really need to get around to reviewing. One thing I will warn you before going into to watch this one, it has one hell of an awesome opening theme that will get stuck in your head!

5. Vassalord


A cyborg vampire that does the Vatican’s dirty work and only feeds off an eccentric vampire play boy, Vassalord is sadly one of those yaoi anime that is not the best adaptation of the source material. But there are some very nice vampire fan service throughout this OVA and if it leaves you curious to find out more about these characters the manga is easy to track down.

6. Yami no Matsuei


An anime that on the surface feels like a light hearted comedy about shinigami who work more like police officers and pencil pushers, there is something darker under the surface of this series from 2000. The shinigami in this series end up fighting demons, curses and even a serial killer that is definitely hiding something. If I was to recommend one anime to marathon over Halloween for a fujoshi or fudanshi it would be this one!

Are there any super natural anime you enjoy watching at this time of the year? Let me know down below in the comments!



Notpia – Yaoi Manga Review

Warning the following manga I am reviewing is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and most likely NOT SAFE FOR LIFE either. If you do not know what guro is, do not look up this manga. 


Many have asked me every now and again what is the most disturbing yaoi I have come across and without a doubt that award goes to the anthology manga Notpia and part of that could be because this manga was my introduction to the world of Guro. A little lesson in Guro is needed to fairly warn any newcomer to the more depraved side of manga if you see this tag and are not a fan of gore or violence then just stay away from this stuff. I was in my late teens when I first came across snippets from Notpia on various websites, I was not mentally ready back then for what I saw. In recent years, however, I will admit I have become a fan of Candy Gore and I think a lot of this has to do with how unrealistic Candy Gore is.

Guro or Eroguro is a ‘grotesque’ form of pornographic artwork depicting the most extreme of sexual imagery and is not limited to scenes of murder, torture, and death with a sexual nature. It is what you get when you mix snuff with porn and it is a dark and disturbing rabbit hole that almost mentally scarred me when I first discovered the genre over a decade ago.

downloadNotpia itself is anthology collection of ‘yaoi’ stories about pretty young boys and older men that entails murder, necrophilia, bestiality, pedophilia and at times a combination of all four. I suppose now one might see why something like Killing Stalking does not disturb me. I came across this manga by accident many years ago and feel I must write this ‘review’ as a stern warning to all yaoi fans… Just stay away from this one, and this is not some challenge to go out and read this just please please do not read this manga… seriously Boku no Pico is less scarring than this manga.


Sexy Yaoi Vampires with a Touch of BDSM? Yes Please!

Vampires are probably the most popular monsters when it comes to the yaoi genre, but can you really blame yaoi fans for falling in love with them. From the sensual vamps in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle mythos to the less refine and down right cheap interpretation of these beasts in the Twilight series we will find ourselves under there spell at some point during our love of yaoi! And if you want my suggestion for a good modern read of vampires you will stay away from the sparkly kind in Twilight and check out the vampire tale of Blood Bank over on Lezhin Comics website! (and no this post is not sponsored I just really love this site!) of course if you are not sure if you want to read this vampire story feel free to check out my review!

It’s a Better Love Story than Fifty Shades – Blood Bank