12Days of Yaoi – Painter in the Night – Season 1 Review

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I have been wanting to write about this manhwa for a while now, but then I fell behind in reading the end of the first season (that’s chapter 1 – 44) due to volunteer work but now that I have had time to finish the first season I know this would be one of my big posts for the 12 Days of Yaoi, after all to say this manhwa from Lezhin has taken the yaoi fandom by storm is a huge understatement. There is no part of the fandom not talking about this manhwa and like I wrote in yesterday’s post I have not seen this much hype around a title from Lezhin since Killing Stalking!

Before beginning this review however, if you are not familiar with manhwa and are not a fan of dub con or abusive relationships this is not the manhwa for you and this will be the only warning I give.

First previewed on Lezhin July 10, 2019 and then officially released almost two months later Painter in the Night by Byeonduck, this manhwa tells the story of two individuals from opposite ends of society that never should have met, if not for one of them having an obsession with the erotic art of the other to the point where he orders his underlings to find him the artist so they can work personally for him and become his own private painter.

If you have been anywhere in the yaoi fandom this year you have seen this smug face, but don’t let that handsome face fool you… unless you are one hell of a masochists’

Yoon Seungho is the apittimy of a spoiled rich brat who because of his power as a noble can do whatever he wants without consequence. He is an impatient man with an insatiable apatite for sex with men and a violent streak for when he does not get his way. There are a lot of similarities between him and Sangwoo from Killing Stalking, except where Sangwoo is calculating and sneaky with his predatory ways, Seungho knows he can get away with what ever he wants so sees no need to hide who he is, so in a way he is a much more dangerous man than Sangwoo. If you are interested in a deeper dive into the type of psychopath Seungho is I highly recommend reading the article Yoon Seungho’s Psychopathy analysis. Painter of the Night, 2020’s most captivating webtoon by bkty5181. In the article they write about what makes is a psycopath and why Seungho could be classified as a high functioning psycopath. I found it to be a fascinating read while I waited for updates back in July.

And don’t be fooled by this innocent face either…

Baek Na-kyum would be considered by most the lowest of the low in society. Orphaned as a child and left of the steps of a Kisaeng, which is pretty much the ancient Korean equivelent of a brothel he at a young age showed an aptitude for art. Unfortunately the subject of his drawings was male one male sexual acts in particularly sodomy. As he grew older he would sell collections of these sexually explicit images under a pseudonym before becoming nothing more than a traveling drunk. But when Yoon Seungho wants the artist behind his favourite erotic pictures found he is pulled out of hiding and forced to work in the palace as a painter while watching the nobleman partake in these acts.

Seeing as the nobleman Seungho is paying attention to this young artist, jealousy begins to rear its head in other noblemen who enjoy there activities with Seungho so of course this is where the drama begins. From acts of jealousy to try and get the young artist banned from the house to other deeds the life of luxury is not at all kind Baek Na-kyum but because Seungho wants him to stay and paint for him he will do anything to make the man stay.

Now I can not talk about the relationship between these two without talking about the biggest thing that will keep some away from this manhwa. There is a lot of rape, non-con, dubious consent and out right abuse in this manhwa and it even a few times made me uncomfortable for the level of cruelty. That being said at no times during my reading of the first season did it ever feel like those elements were being romanticized, it came close a few times but it was treading a very fine line. So fine in fact I’m still on the fence even by the end of this season whether I consider this even a romantic relationship or just sex for the sake of sex. There is an obvious connection growing between the two, it is just not a very healthy one in my opinion.

As I wrote this is a series that has amassed a lot of popularity this year in and even out of the yaoi community. From reactions and reviews of the series on YouTube to some damn stunning cosplays on Instagram and even boys love TikTok (which I did not even know until a month ago was a thing because I do not use TikTok) to say that this series has taken over is an understatement.

Be warned headphone warning

But why the sudden popularity? I think a lot of it has to do with timing, after all this series came out around the same time Killing Stalking was coming to an end, plus a lot of people have been home to read thanks to this year. I am happy to see this community growing and loving new works. There has been however, one small tiny detail about the fandom surrounding this series that has me just a little concerned and it once again goes back to my post about minors in the fandom. Like Killing Stalking before it this series has and continues to cover some dark and heavy themes and is in no way suitable for younger boys love fans to read, I don’t care how pretty you find the art this is not content for minors. Call me a gatekeeper if you must, but 18+ fucking means 18+ for a reason at the end of the day.

Other than that though I have been enjoying my time in this fandom and have also been enjoying the latest chapters over on Lezhin, and though I do not enjoy this series as much as Killing Stalking or BJ Alex it has still been a fun journey I don’t intend to get off of any time soon…

12 Days of Yaoi – Well Done – Yaoi Webtoon Review

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I have been talking a lot of boys love titles from Futekiya during this little special event here on Yaoi Playground so today’s title for review comes from the webtoon site Tapas and in tomorrow’s review I am tackling a big one from over on Lezhin! I haven’t written about a title from there since my last Killing Stalking post, but I think tomorrow’s title comes close to popularity of that one.

As for today’s review, when I first read the synopsis for Well Done by Mongya and Anco I was very much immediately reminded of the yaoi classic OVA series My Sexual Harassment, a title I consider a true classic of the genre, but as I began to read this webtoon I knew I was reading something very different.

Sangwoo Yoon had everything he wanted in life and was climbing the corporate ladder, but his arrogance got the better of him when he was caught sleeping with the boss’s daughter. Two years later he finds himself still at the bottom of yet another soulless job when he catches a higher up famous CEO Jaehyun Han in a compromising position and said CEO wants Sangwoo to work directly underneath him in more ways than one. Will this be the chance for Sangwoo to finally climb the corporate ladder or is he just being toyed with like a rat in a trap?

From a set up that had me hooked from the beginning I must confess I finished this one in one sitting, I was just that hooked! From the hilarious reactions of the characters to the gorgeous artwork this is the one BL title on Tapas I recommend over any other. The sex scenes were some of the hottest I have seen, if I had one complaint for this one it was that the pacing in the second half of the story was a little off, not enough to distract me but some moments did feel like they dragged a little too much, but the ending was a good pay off over all, after all not every boys love title needs a deep story to be enjoyable and it really was the characters that made this one.

12 Days of Yaoi – Dakaretai Otoko 1 -i no Odosarete Imasu – Anime Review

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Dakaretai Otoko 1 -i no Odosarete Imasu or Dakaichi I’m Being Sexually Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year is a 2018 boys love anime series that I have loved more and more with each viewing and I hate to be the reviewer who says this because it is over used in a lot of anime reviews but, when you stand back and look at this series it can be seen as a complete deconstruction of the yaoi and boys love genre; taking many tropes within the genre and taking them in places I was not expecting it to go.

A prime example of this comes in the very first episode when we are introduced to our main characters. Takato Saijo is your typical male tsundere male character. A man who has been an actor for most his life he can come across as pleasantly charming to those he works with and knows how to work his charm. He has been dubbed the most huggable man in Japan for the last five years by a popular magazine and it is a title he wears proudly, except he has just lost his title to an up and coming actor by the name of Junta Azumaya a young man new to the world of acting who is seen by many as an angelic beauty.

Now going by these descriptions you would think, ok so this will be a series about Takato trying to somehow ruin Junta’s career but then because this is a yaoi story he decides to destroy him in some other way. If this was your assumption you would be dead wrong. It is in fact Junta who has fallen for Takato and wishes to pursue the older man. Younger seme’s are nothing new to the yaoi genre but what really makes the first episode of this anime stand apart from other boys love stories is that when Junta makes his first sexual advances towards Takato and is told to stop, he listens. This is a big deal for a boys love story because this does not happen all too often within the genre. It is because of this that the genre is seen as rapey by outsiders and there are certain titles out there that do not help this argument.

Not to say that the series is not perfect on this front, there are many scenes of Junta being a little of zealous with his affection towards Takato and getting a little too handsy but with a lot of those scenes he is called up on it by Takato and quite often back handed for the unwanted attention. This might not seem like much but it is in my opinion a step in the right direction for the boys love drama.

Both of the main characters are absolutely adorable and I loved watching Takato’s walls slowly coming down as be begins to fall for Junta and the switch of sweet angel to devilish love to restrained guard dog with Junta throughout the series was both adorable and hilarious at times. I will admit the over all story of the series is a little on the bland side, though I did really enjoy the flashback episode about when Junta first fell for Takato and how he knew he would have to hold back his desires and get Takato to fall for him first… he almost did not succeed in this but he at least tried to be a good boy. The side characters go from amusing to annoying with a character coming in as Junta’s kind of rival for Takato’s affections going from annoying to funny by the end of the series.

The series is no where near perfect, it’s story drags a fair bit mid season and though the beach holiday episode is fun to watch with plenty of fanservice it got a little tedious, it somewhat made up for this however within the melodrama of the last three episodes which will pull at the heart string of any hardcore fujoshi or fudanshi. If you are already a fan of boys love then this will most likely be an enjoyable watch for you, but if it is not the genre of your choice then it may be a skip until you have perhaps watched a few other titles such as Hitorijime My Hero, Gravitation or Junjou Romantica.

12 Days of Yaoi – Dramatical Murder Limited Edition Announcement


In 2018 Just USA an American company that specialize in localizing visual novels to English announced a new project called Jast Blue with the announcement that this branch of Jast USA would be working along side Nitro+CHiRAL to give official English releases of their popular yaoi titles and among those announced the one I was most excited for as were many other western yaoi fans was an official English release of Dramatical Murder and now at the tail end of 2020 we get a trailer for the official English release and although this post was not originally planned for my 12 Days of Yaoi, this is just such big news for the community I just had to talk about it!

The game is now available for pre-order from J-List for a special edition physical copy of the game and at first I was excited, but then I remembered something about J-List. Australia has banned all 18+ imports from Japan and well J-List’s motto is you have a friend in Japan. So my excitement soon turned to disappointment. The yaoi game I have wanted to play for the longest time, I won’t be able to get a physical copy of and this special edition looks really cool!

So here I was last night staring at the listing on J-List kind of just sulking to myself thinking great just what I was expecting from 2020. Then as I was staring I noticed something on the page, it said Ships from USA on the order page. So I did some digging on the website and found out this game is coming from Japan it’s coming from the USA warehouse and that place does still ship to Australia! Not to sound melodramatic but this felt like a little Christmas miracle just for me! So now I have a copy of this much much much wanted game on pre-order for myself.

I can not wait to get into this game once it releases plus it has motivated me to finish the other Nitro+CHiRAL games I have so far, those being Sweet Pool and Togainu No Chi Lost Blood. Have their been any game announcements this year that has had you excited or have you had one of those moments where you felt like you missed out on something just to find out yes you can get it after all? I would love to here your stories in the comments below and thankyou again for joining me on these 12 Days of Yaoi! Tomorrow’s post will be a review of a boys love anime that kind of has fans divided and I am most definitely on one side of the argument for this one, I look forward to seeing you then!

12 Days of Yaoi- Single in Gotham – Fanfiction Rec 20


Nygmobblepot is my favourite ship to come out of Gotham, if that was not obvious with my post a few days ago. It is a ship that has been explored within many tropes within fanfiction. Alternative Universes with a different first meeting or a certain confession actually happen are among the most popular, as well as quite a library of omegaverse fanfictions and the world of omegaverse and yaoi is a subject I plan to explore in the near future due to its growing popularity outside of fanfiction; but that is a discussion for another time.

Today I want to recommend my all time favourite Nygmobblepot fanfiction, Single in Gotham by ORiley42. This fanfiction is an alternative universe story that tells the tale of Oswald Cobblepot as the lonely mobster already established in Gotham with his own underlings and Edward still working for the GCPD in forensics. Both men have joined an online dating app on their phones and come across each other and start what can only be described as an adorable romance that grows into something very amusing. It is an almost slow burn tale of falling in love, of flirting while murdering (a common quirk for this couple so if this makes you uncomfortable this might not be a couple for you) and an amusing little side story of Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock wanting to find out what’s going on with Ed that has one of the most hilariously spectacular climaxes that keeps me coming back to this fic again and again.

Not to say that their first meeting in the show was not adorable on it’s own sometimes it is fun to explore the what ifs

It is also a good starting point for anyone curious about this ship as it builds it’s own timeline outside of the shows own. Just be aware that you will be spoiled for certain events in season 1 and 2 but only slightly and they might not count as a spoiler if you do not know the context.

12 Days of Yaoi – Sleeping with the Stallion – Yaoi Manga Review


Futekiya has most definitely become one of my favourite subscription services this year and I have found so many awesome yaoi titles on there with notable favorites for me being It’s Fine if it’s just a Dream and Lust -Fantasy- and today I want to write about another of my favourite reads.

Sleeping with the Stallion is a short one shot yaoi manga that brings together two of my favourite genres, a good sports story in this case horse racing and yaoi and don’t worry only humans involved in this yaoi story. The manga tells the story of a successful jockey by the name of Evan who since moving to Japan to compete is on a losing streak and if he does not improve soon his trainer Misaki will have to let him go. To complicate matters Evan and Misaki are dating so they don’t want to separate. Is there anything the pair can do to improve Evan before its too late? Misaki has a plan to help Evan but Evan is not sure he likes this plan.

This was the first title by author Mec that I read on Futekiya and I have since then become a great fan of their work. Their titles including this one have just enough drama to not fall into the completely melodramatic hole that a lot of yaoi titles can do with a lot of really hot sexy yaoi scenes that come with a touch of humor that have me smiling whenever I read them. It is because of this that whenever Futekiya make announcements of upcoming titles I am always holding my breath and hoping that there is another titles from either Mec or Ayu Yamane.

Sorry that today’s post was a little on the short side… heh heh jockey pun was not intentional there, but I hope you guys are enjoying me sharing some yaoi and please come back tomorrow where I will be recommending something I haven’t in a while, a fanfiction!

12 Days of Yaoi – Zhenniao – Manga Review


Sometimes a blind buy can bring us surprising joy. When it came to this particular manga that I stumbled across over on Bookwalker I was instantly enthralled by the gorgeous cover art of this series. After all when it comes to yaoi stories involving monster men I must confess I have an affinity and love of bird like monsters or anything with wings and when I saw the beautiful feathers of the beast on the cover of this title well I knew I had to give this one a read.

In nature bright colors are a warning to predators of dangerous poison and within the mystical human like birds known as Zhen their diet consists of many different poisons and depending on how toxic the poison the creature ingest with determine how beautiful its plumage will become.

In the land in which this story takes place the ownership and taming of a Zhen is considered one of the greatest of status symbols for a noble. The most beautiful Zhen owned by a noble is Cai Hong and his previous owner was considered one of the greatest tamers of these wild beasts until he is one day found dead, killed by his prize Zhen’s poison. Now Cai Hong belongs to the brother of this man General Fei who is a well known hater of these barbaric creatures and honestly wants nothing to do with the beast that killed his brother. Being a yaoi story you can guess where this tale will go, what starts as a tale of hatred soon turns into something more as the truth about both the creature’s and General Fei’s past turns into understanding between the two and maybe even something more.

But how can someone love when that love is poisonous in more ways than one?

The story of this manga kept me hooked from beginning to end and the gorgeous artwork is some of the most stunning I have seen in any yaoi manga and the world building throughout the story is also extremely fascinating and made me wish I could visit the land where the mystical Zhen live. If you are a yaoi fan who loves an engaging story told through stunning artwork and have a taste for feathered monsters like myself then you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing title over on bookwalker right here.

12 Days of Yaoi – What is Nygmobblepot?


Nygmobblepot is the ship name of the pairing of Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot aka The Riddler and The Penguin within the television series Gotham to be specific. Though not as popular before the rise of the broadcast of the show Gotham, previous incarnations of the characters in other batman media have been shipped before and these pairings were referred to by fans as Riddlebird. Though within in some fan circles the term Riddlebird and Nygmobblepot are both used no matter what iteration of the pairing they are talking about, to make following this post easy I will only be referring to the pairing found within the television series Gotham for this post as it is the side of the fandom I have the most experience with.

A short and very funny Riddlebird comic by GeniusBeeHive over on Tumblr, this one cracks me up every time

So what is it about the pairing of these two in the show Gotham that has spawn a whole almost separate fandom of itself within the Gotham fandom? Well to understand that first we need to go into a bit of background about the show that spawned this ship, Gotham. It is a show I have mentioned before on this blog earlier this year in my post Finding Light in the Darkness where in I wrote about how the show and the amazing fandom of this show helped me through some hard times last year.

Gotham can be a hard series to describe, but in simple terms it’s a prequel story to Batman. It tells the story of the city of Gotham herself, before their was a Batman, a time before super villains and the city’s biggest crime problem was gangland wars between feuding mob bosses. In a way the beginning of the series very much starts off like a procedural cop drama mixed with the intrigue and mystery of a classic mafia story, but as the viewer will soon learn nothing is ever simple in Gotham. Government corruption and illegal human experimentation is just the beginning of the city’s fall into madness and chaos and as new players enter the scene the city becomes truly like no other place on earth. There is a sense of reality and the fantastic within Gotham and this is what will draw you into it’s story as well as a few familiar faces from the world of DC’s Batman.

Within this chaotic city and it’s many stories as the series does not really have what one could call a main character but a series of interconnected narratives that form the shows foundation we find the two characters that make up this popular ship and I must warn for those who have not watched the series their will be some major character development spoilers ahead.

Edward Nygma starts the series as the socially awkward but cheerful forensic worker for the GCPD, an interesting take on the origin of the man who will become the Riddler. He enjoys his work and just wants those around him to thank him for his help, though there is something dark about Edward just below the surface and every time someone makes fun of him or blows him off as just some weirdo that rage begins to boil to the surface and Edward begins to become unhinged. The role is played by the amazing Cory Michael Smith who’s many years performing on the stage really shine through in later seasons as Edward’s character embraces his flamboyant evil side and slowly becomes the Riddler.

Oswald Cobblepot’ origin within this series is equally as fascinating as that of Edward as he pretty much begins the series at the very bottom of the criminal food chain as a simple Umbrella Boy for mobster Fish Mooney an original character made for the Gotham series and it is her goons that nickname Oswald Penguin a name he very much at first despises but grows to enjoy once he has a taste of power. He is the seen within the series as the ultimate manipulator who throughout the series learns to think three steps ahead of his opponent whether they be his fellow criminals, politicians or the GCPD. Underneath this manipulative exterior however there is a softer side that at first is only shown towards his mother and as tragedy after tragedy follows him around Gotham he learns to harden that soft exterior, until he ends up with a genuine friendship with one Edward Nygma during one of his own darkest moments of growth early on in the series and Edward is growing darker at that point as well and turns to The Penguin looking for guidance.

It is at this point in the series where a lot of fans began shipping these two together and many a fanfic was written for the two with the trope ‘they were roommates.’ However it would not be until season 3 that the ship would really take of with one scene of confirmation that the ship could happen in canon that things really started the get interesting within the fandom.

At this point in the series a lot of people who fans of both Edward and Oswald especially as a ship were somewhat disappointed or outright pissed off with the inclusion of Isabella to the cast. She shows up at a very plot convenient time to put an end to any possibility of the ship happening, there was even a small amount of discourse accusing the series of queer baiting with the relationship between Edward and Oswald and others like myself were a little disappointed at the fact that we had a two canon female characters who were in a lesbian relationship and had been confirmed as bisexual and yet we could not get a similar relationship with Edward and Oswald.

So what did the fans do about this? After all shippers are the most toxic part of any fandom so they must have caused a big ruckus online, threatening writers and boycotting the show right? Nope, we didn’t after all Gothamites are not like other fans like say Fannibals or Voltron fans. A low blow I know but the loud minority of shippers in these kind of fandoms really give people a bad name. Gotham’s fanbase has always been on good terms with the cast and crew and the shippers within the fandom have also been very kind and friendly with each other. There have been discussions within the fandom about rival ships one of the biggest rivalries within the fandom being the one between Nygmobblepot and Gobblepot (the later of which being the ship of Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot) and though some of these discussions have been heated none that I know of have become all out flame wars.

The love the writers have for the fandom is on full display within series five of the show, which was also sadly the final season. With a reunion of friendship between both Oswald and Ed being one of the biggest highlights of the season for many, as well as a flash forward into the future where the two of them have gone full Penguin and Riddler and have their first of what will undoubtedly be many encounters with Batman.

I want to give a big thankyou to all my friends on the Nygmobblepot Haven discord before closing this post, everyone in the chat who continues to make fan content even after a year and half of the series coming to an end and being some of the coolest friends I have made in any fandom a big thankyou to all of you, this post is in part for all of you!

Thank You

Please return tomorrow as I will be reviewing one of my many favourite manga reads of this year, until them be kind to other shippers so we can make all fandoms as positive as the Gotham fandom!

12 Days of Yaoi – Mister Versatile Game Review

video game, yaoi

Lone wolf Mister Versatile has one rule when it comes to being a superhero, he works alone. Lately however fellow super hero and resident silver fox Captain Crush has been getting perhaps a little too close for Mister Versatile’s comfort. Add to that a super hero newbie who is at the wrong place at the wrong time, a cute twink with a dangerous secret and an arch enemy that has his sights on the hero and you have the makings for a fun gay superhero visual novel.

As stated yesterday this game was my favourite yaoi visual novel I played this year and I had heaps of fun during my first few playthroughs of the game. However, as I went back to replay the game for the purpose of this review and gave a real critical look at the game I came to realize that when it came time to review this game I knew that I had to give real honest feedback of this game. So here we go.

Starting life as a Kickstarter campaign, this game comes to us from Y Press Games, a company I have been a fan of since it’s founding. Many of there games have been made thanks to support from Kickstarter with varying success, not to say that any of their games have been a disappointment to me but some have left me wanting more and sadly Mister Versatile does fall into this category.

First I want to go through the positives for this game, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous and really captures the super hero aesthetic with a yaoi touch wonderfully, though with the super hero genre already being made up of tight bodies and even tighter costumes the mix of heroes and yaoi is a match made in heaven. I myself being a fujoshi of particular tastes especially enjoyed the character of Lascivion which brought to life many fantasy I have had in the past about a particular Marvel symbiote and the naughty moments with this character were some of my favourite in the game as was the surprise mini game in his route. Out of all the routes in the game I found Lascivion, Captain Crush and Driller’s routes the most fleshed out and entertaining.

Though I did notice a sound issue when playing the Captain Crush scene as during a prominent character moment in the final act of the route there was a sound error that had a previous line from another character randomly pop up that had nothing to do with the scene and this was really distracting.

Now for the negative, as I stated before the story really left me wanting more from the characters and this was most true for the character of Chihuahua who’s route felt the least fleshed out and his whole character was he is a Mexican superhero. I’m all for inclusion of different cultures in games and other media but there really needs to be more to a character than just their race.

The over all story of the visual novel also feels very bare bones when you really get down to it, especially if like me you are already a fan of the superhero genre and it by the end comes across as just another cliché superhero story the only difference being the yaoi aspects of the story and yet despite this I did find myself thoroughly enjoying the game.

If you are looking for a quick yaoi game to play then Mister Versatile is not a bad choice, the game promises a gay super hero visual novel experience and that is what you will get, just don’t go into this one expecting anything deep and meaningful, this game is a fun yaoi quickie and that is about it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I will be discussing one of my recent favourite ships and the history and fandom surrounding them!

12 Days of Yaoi – Liquor and Cigarette – BL Manga Review

manga review, yaoi

Now let’s start of these fun times with a fun little yaoi manga shall we? For on this first day of the 12 Days of Yaoi I present to you Liquor and Cigarette by Ranmaru Zariya, one of my favourite manga reads this year! A big thankyou to SuBLime for giving this manga an official English release and yours truly got her copy through Amazon on Kindle, I swear this year Kindle and a few other sites and apps have been my savior when it comes to reading!

Theo runs his family’s Liquor store and his childhood best friend works just across the street from him in a cigarette store that woman come from other towns just to be his customers. His friend Camilo is a known flirt but does not seem to date anyone who takes interest in him be they women or men which he has shown interest in both because he has openly stated that he is bi and lately Camilo has been a lot more forward with his attraction to his childhood friend.

Exploring themes of sexuality, slight internalized homophobia, and the classic trope of friends to lovers Liquor and Cigarette is a fun boys love read that has just enough drama to keep you hooked without being over melodramatic. The only real issue I think some readers might find with this story is at the beginning of the experimental relationship between the two main characters Theo relies quite heavily on liquid courage and this may bring up some consent issues for some readers so I feel it is only right to pre warn any new reader of this story.

The artwork is what drew me into this series I especially love the amount of emotion the author and artist Ranmaru Zariya is able to convey in the characters eyes in particular, they just seem to stare into you soul making you want to invite them in, especially on the cover which is what initially drew me to the title. It’s no wonder then that another of their works Coyote which I have yet had a chance to read has been on everyone’s must read list this year.

I hope you enjoyed the first day of 12 Days of Yaoi here on Yaoi Playground, stay tuned tomorrow when I will be discussing my favourite yaoi game of the year but also give an honest review about some of the minor problems with the game…