Rotten Boys’ High School Life

The official website for the anime adapting Atami Michinoku’s boys-love fanboy manga, Fudanshi Koko Seikatsu (Rotten Boys’ High School Life), has announced the series’ premiere date of Tuesday, July 5th. It will run on AT-X, as well as Teletama, KBS Tokyo, TVK and Sun TV, repeating on AT-X every Thursday, Sunday and Monday. The series … Continue reading Rotten Boys’ High School Life


Delusion is Reality, Reality is Delusion – Chaos Head

Those Eyes.... whose are they? An anime that exists in the shadow of the much loved Steins Gate, as well as the underrated Robotics Notes, is Chaos Head, an anime that questions the reality of reality itself through delusion and mental disorder. A series where nothing is ever what it seems on the surface and … Continue reading Delusion is Reality, Reality is Delusion – Chaos Head