Rotten Boys’ High School Life


The official website for the anime adapting Atami Michinoku’s boys-love fanboy manga, Fudanshi Koko Seikatsu (Rotten Boys’ High School Life), has announced the series’ premiere date of Tuesday, July 5th. It will run on AT-X, as well as Teletama, KBS Tokyo, TVK and Sun TV, repeating on AT-X every Thursday, Sunday and Monday. The series follows Sakaguchi’s life as a […]

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An anime about a male yaoi fan? Well this could certainly be an interesting ride, I look forward to seeing the trailer for this one

Forgettable Princess Jellyfish

Anime Review

I promise the next review will be a more positive one, but I just finished this series for the first time a week ago and I wanted to get my feelings about it on here while it was still fresh in my mind because sadly it feels forgettable, which really sucks because for everything this show is….let’s just say I wanted to love this series!

I remember hearing about this series a few years ago and thinking to myself, that looks interesting, I’ll have to watch that one day. Then the other week while out with my mum I popped into my local library while she was busy elsewhere to see if they had any new anime DVDs in, as this particular library has a section of DVDs that are just anime. (though at first, it was mostly Studio Ghibli films it has slowly grown larger over the last few years) I spotted two DVDs that caught my interest. The first was Perfect Blue an anime film I had watched ages ago and loved but still don’t have in my DVD collection and the other was Princess Jellyfish, I, of course, borrowed both. One for dark nostalgia and the other to see something new, which I always enjoy.

princess_jellyfishI feel as though I am delaying the inedible at this point so I will get to the point. The series was enjoyable during my time watching it, relaxing would be the best word to describe it at first but then I came to a realization. During the midway point of the series, it’s flow just sort of feeling like it calmly came to a delayed stop at a dam, that it only slightly trickled past in the last two episodes.

It was around episode five, that I realized the character had become somewhat stagnated. In the first few episodes we learn each of the characters quirks and what makes them their own but then that’s really it bar one maybe two characters if I stretch it that get some character development throughout the series.

The series does have an interesting premise that caught my eye in the first place. Our main character Tsukimi wants to be an illustrator and is obsessed with everything Jellyfish. She finds a majestic and royal beauty in these aquatic creatures and this love was nurtured by her mother as a child her mother even promising her one day she will look like a jellyfish princess on the day of her wedding. Fast forward to the present and an 18-year-old Tsukimi lives in a shared house with other women who are equally obsessed with their hobbies which include traditional Japanese dolls, the Records of the three Kingdoms, trains and mature aged men, they are all in a sense different types of otaku.

These girls are an odd and zany group of characters, but sadly they all come across as very one-note, especially when it becomes obvious that all the women in this house have the exact same social hang-ups. These social hang-ups become a somewhat running gag of the series that gets old very very quickly to the point that in later episodes it just comes across as annoying and bordering on insulting to myself, because I have my own social anxieties and even though I know it’s played for comedic purposes in the series it left me wondering if people see me at times like one would see the characters in this series. Then again this could also be yet another case of me over thinking the situation, which I will admit does happen.

One character that does stand out is Koranosuke, our ‘Princess Jellyfish’ in the eyes of Tsukimi upon their first meeting. She comes across as one of the most beautiful women Tsukimi has ever met and she is in awe. That quickly turns to shock and fright, however, the morning after she meets her because it turns out this beautiful princess is a handsome cross-dressing prince. Out of all the characters in the series, Koranosuke is the one we see the most development with, this is to the point where I kind of wish he was the main character of the story and not Tsukimi. That being said I am glad they didn’t go the easy route with his character and just make him another token cross-dressing homosexual character or a one-note trap character there for comedic effect when the ‘trap is sprung’ so to speak.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against these kinds of characters, in fact, Jun Watarase from Happiness! was the first ever anime figurine I ever purchased. It’s just that these characters being nothing more than jokes in a series is something that is getting old for me, after all, there is so much more potential for these kinds of characters in a story especially in this day and age. A show a recommend that gets across the more series note of these kinds of characters I can highly recommend is the anime ‘Wandering Son’ something else I plan to review once I watch the series again.

Back on subject, however, Koranossuke does in a sense help Tsukimi come out of her shell by the end of the series but this is only for her to crawl back in as quickly as possible come to the end as one last punchline to the series, so it leaves me feeling like nothing has been accomplished at all by the end of the series. Even the resolution of the big major conflict of the story by the end feels like a punchline for a joke that has either been poorly executed or just does not belong there, kind of like being at an armature night at a comedy club and waiting for the laughter. I also got the feeling of an incomplete story but seeing as I have never read the manga I don’t know if this is because of the source material the constraints of making only one short season.

princessjellyfish_003 And yet after all this, I must admit the series was a fun relaxing ride from start to finish and that does account for something. At no time while watching the series did I ever feel bored and it did get some laughs out of me and lot of those came from the interactions with Koranosuke and his family, especially his uncle and brother. So I find myself at a great impasse I suppose. As entertainment the show is passable but as a story, it falls flat. It was a fun ride after all but it’s not one I will be getting on again any time soon.

Till next time I’m Mistress of Yaoi and sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

Objection! Why I dropped the Ace Attorney Anime

Anime Review

Expectations are a funny thing, if you set them low you can sometimes find a gem but if you set them too high you can be setting yourself up for disappointment and unfortunately that is the case for me when it came to Ace Attorney.

I thoroughly loved the first three games for the 3DS and hearing that it was getting adapted into an anime got me really excited. Unfortunately for me it fell short as an adaptation  because and this might be a weird complaint, but for me it fell short because it was too accurate to the source material.

Miles_Edgeworth_Portrait.pngComedy is something that can be difficult to pull off because if you can see the punchline coming then you might not find the joke funny and this was the case for me when it came to the Ace Attorney anime. Unfortunately also as a mystery show it also falls short for someone already a fan of the franchise because of it’s faithfulness to the source material, there is a lack of suspense because as a fan you can see what is coming and it is just no fun sitting there watching a mystery type show and going to yourself ‘this is going to happen next’ over and over again and getting it right.

Overall I have to say if you want to get into Ace Attorney I recommend the games over the anime as they have more depth and character development about the only thing I liked about the anime was the voice choice for Miles Edgeworth but even this was not enough to keep me watching.

The Yaoi Fangirl that fell in love with Bara

bara, fujoshi, yaoi

Yaoi is a fantasy most often created by women for women. Bara is a fantasy created by men for men, or at least that’s how it started but the lines between fantasy for both are as blurred and mixed as the type of people that enjoy the medium itself.


I have male friends that enjoy yaoi and I know other women that like me, enjoy the occasional bara title. For me I think my interest in bara stems from the fact as a child and teenager I became of fan of ‘Professional Wrestling’ which when one thinks about it most likely shaped my tastes to a certain extent. My first introduction to bara was through a scanlation website for yaoi manga I stumbled upon. On this site I came across a title called ‘Miscreant Next Door‘ and it immediately caught my attention because the main character was a wrestling fan. It is a short manga story that tells the story of a man who has a crush on his favorite wrestler and is also scared of his new neighbor next door because he looks like a yakuza thug. In the end it is a very sweet story that I will admit I instantly fell in love with, even though it was a very short story all the characters were engaging and even the more hardcore scenes seem to have a softness to them which I know is not common in most bara, so in a way this title feels like a hybrid between yaoi and bara.

It has the soft emotional melodrama of a yaoi love story with the brute and muscles of a bara ascetic and after reading ‘The Miscreant Next Door’ I found myself wanting more of this fusion style of story.

It would not be until of all things I got a hold of a DVD copy of ‘A Cicada in the Winter’ to add to my growing anime collection that I stumbled upon this fusion within the trailers from Kitty Media that included some manga titled that I saw it, an English yaoi comic by the artist Yayoi Neko titled Incubus and soon I got a hold of the series of books and yes I once again fell in love.judas_and_lenniel_77_by_thundertori-dr8acn

I also found as you can see from the link, Yayoi Neko’s DeviantArt page which included bara fanart of characters like Batman and Joker as well as Sherlock and Watson. The artwork is both soft and sexy with that scruffy ragged edge that seems to be lacking within yaoi work. I can understand this I suppose as most yaoi fans like the effeminate male characteristic of the bishoumen in the stories, but then there others like myself that just enjoy a different taste of things.

Until next time, I am Mistress of Yaoi and I say like what you like and be proud of it!

Serialize Thyself – Duvet = Daughter to Father

serial experiment lain

What if I told you before reaching out for Chisa on the wired, Lain was trying to reach out to someone else in her life? Someone close to her that felt so far away because of the disconnection she felt at the beginning of it all? What if I told you the hint to who that is, is in the first line of the opening song to the series ‘Duvet’?


‘And you Don’t Seem to Understand, A shame you seemed an honest man’

Lain feels disconnected to those around her and perhaps it is her own lack of connection with her family, in particularly her father that has caused her to withdraw from it all. If she can’t even form a connection to those close to her then how is she expected to connect and understand those around her.

We see in  the first episode of the series that Lain’s father already has connection to the wired, we see it in his computer set up he has and in the way he speaks of the wired to his daughter about how anyone can make connections and friends through it. He also speaks of how her mother does not understand and even seems to fear the wired, in this moment Lain tells her father she is not afraid.


In this one statement of not being afraid, Lain is crying out for her father to pay attention to her, to give her some form of recognition or praise because Lain wants to be daddy’s little girl, something many daughters can sympathize with. But as she tries to gain his attention all we see him do is type away  on his keyboard his eyes transfixed on the screen in front of him in a trance like state.

Lain’s father buys her a new Navi upon her request to upgrade her older one for better access to the wired and like her father Lain quickly becomes obsessed with the wired and upgrading her Navi, but Lain seems to begin to take it to far. Does she keep going to try and earn her father’s attention?

When Lain receives a piece of hardware for her Navi from a stranger one day in her foot locker she immediately goes to her father to find out what it is. This is the first time we seem to see a disapproving look on his face and he tells her he does not know what it is. Lain’s responds to this like a rejection from her father as she wanted to journey deeper into the wired with him as her guide as he had been when he helped her set up her Navi.

In a later episode Lain’s father enters her room after she has made countless upon countless upgrades to his computer, he does not recognize his daughter any more to which Lain responds ‘Don’t worry, I’m still me’


After all is said and done with this series, with all the symbolism and philosophy surrounding it, I can’t help but wonder is Lain a girl that just wants her daddy to notice her?


Delusion is Reality, Reality is Delusion – Chaos Head

Anime Review

Those Eyes…. whose are they?

An anime that exists in the shadow of the much loved Steins Gate, as well as the underrated Robotics Notes, is Chaos Head, an anime that questions the reality of reality itself through delusion and mental disorder. A series where nothing is ever what it seems on the surface and a series that you will most likely understand more upon a second viewing because you can never look at it the same way twice.

This series is one that will throw several red herrings at the viewer and it becomes almost a game as you watch to figure out if what you see is fact or fiction within the series.

Is the series a mystery about a group of grisly murders dubbed by the media as the new gen?

Is it about the relationship between the mysterious pink haired girl and the main character?

Is the local idol somehow related to all that is going on and who is the mysterious general?

Or is all this just a paranoid delusion in the head of a disturbed main character who is slowly losing his grip on reality itself, and if so is there any way he can save his own sanity?

There are even more questions within the series but I won’t add any more as they would dive into spoiler territory, just know that that the series is a rabbit hole of paranoia and delusion and that is what drew me into the story of the series. The main character of the story is also the main reason why I did not immediately drop the series when I first saw it.

A lot of the characters within the series are bland and feel like nothing but part of the backdrop of a stage play than other actual characters within the story, that being said with how tangled and disordered this story can be perhaps that was the intent, I also get the feeling it is this disjointedness is what stops a lot of viewers from diving deeper and usually leaving the series early on.

The series for me seemed to have an over-arching message of delusion vs reality, paranoia vs trust and a wish to make sense of it all from the perspective of the main character. With his fractured mental state however and his choice to live in delusion, there is also a fear of that delusion disappearing and being left with nothingness, alone. Is sanity worth loneliness?

We all have times in our lives, hard times where we do not wish to deal with the reality of our problems and those of the rest of the world. Dealing with other people’s problems on top of our own can be draining and exhausting. For some, it is just easier to escape, forget our problems and just ignore them till they go away.

That escape can come in many forms whether it is in between the pages of literary or in the world of our favorite TV show. A world where things seem to work by a certain rule. There is a comfort in rewatching an old favorite series; anime or otherwise. This is because we are escaping into a world we know so we can feel a certain level of control in an otherwise uncertain world.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an escape in fact for our own mental health it can be needed, but when these escapes become obsessions that make us ignore everything around us and shun our responsibilities then it can become a problem. It can be like an addiction fueled by anxiety and fear of losing that comfort, you get to a point where you cannot cope without it.

Though often overlooked by many I highly recommend the journey that is Chaos Head, some parts of the series can seem to drag on and most of the characters besides the main are boring but underneath its many flaws is an anime worth watching in my opinion, I must also say if you enjoyed Welcome to the NHK then this is a series you defiantly should give a watch as well.

What defines a ‘Guilty Pleasure’?

random musing

Over the past couple of weeks I have been watching ‘Everyday life with Monster Girls’ on Crunchyroll and strangely enough, found myself enjoying the series immensely and getting a good laugh out of it, even though I can clearly see how bad the series is, so I suppose then it would be considered a guilty pleasure for me. This got me thinking however, how does one define a guilty pleasure? If a guilty pleasure is something we watch and enjoy even if we know its bad then what if a piece of media is critically acclaimed with others and yet you can be sitting there watching or reading that piece of media and you find yourself thinking, this is utter crap. Can it still be called a guilty pleasure then? On the flip side of that coin, what if you think something is really good but everyone else thinks its utter crap?

A prime example of this train of thought I can use for myself is the Adult Swim show Mr. Pickles. Over the years I will admit, I have found myself disliking a lot that has come from Adult Swim for a while now but in my late teens I loved a lot of their shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Sealab 2021 and my all time favorite Adult Swim show, The Brak Show. Even back then they had shows I just did not like, Home Movies is one I remember not enjoying but I know the series has garnered a lot of praise and acclaim from other viewers and critics.

I found myself losing interest in Adult Swim around the time a show called Squidbillies started airing and it was at this point I stopped watching a lot of western cartoons aimed at an adult audience, with a few exceptions. That being said I had also been watching anime on Adult Swim and shows like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Orphen really did kick start my continuing love in anime as I was not watching Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z and Pokemon as religiously as I had before. Back on the subject of guilty pleasures however, recently a new Adult Swim cartoon caught my attention for what I honestly thought was funny writing and sheer hilarity in it’s blasphemy within it’s humor. I am of course talking about Mr. Pickles, a show I have seen hated by nearly every single critic I have come across that has reviewed the series. I know I have different tastes to a lot of people, I have known this for a long time, but does the fact that I enjoy this show make it a guilty pleasure even if I don’t think it’s bad?

Kiss of Fire – An Introduction to the work of Youka Nitta


1580472When I was but a newbie to the wonderful world of yaoi I happened to stumble upon an art book while on a trip into the city to explore a shop I had been told sold manga and anime items, sadly the store no longer exists but I still have the beautiful art book I bought that day, which was Kiss of Fire by Nitta Youka.

Born March 8, 1971, in the Fukui Prefecture, Japan she has been a popular manga artist within the yaoi genre and communities around the world with her cross-gender appeal of her artwork gaining fans in not only the female-driven yaoi community but also welcoming male fans who usually go for the more homo-erotic or bara style of manga. (not to say that bara is just for men or yaoi is just for women, I myself have a few favorite manga within the bara genre as well as have male friends within the yaoi community)

In 2008 she ran into a bit of controversy however and not the usual you see with erotic manga work in Japan. She was accused of plagiarism after it was revealed she would trace over pictures from fashion magazines for pictures in her manga. The full English article can be found at anime news network. This brought up a discussion within the manga community of inspiration vs copyright and she did, unfortunately, stop work for a while after this. In 2009 she revealed however that she has no plans on stopping any of her ongoing series and she has continued her fan following since then. She has also stated in interviews she prefers older ukes, which explains the character of Iwaki-san in her Haru wo Daiteita series.

As well as being a beautiful art book filled with gorgeous artwork of Iwaki and Katou from the Haru wo Daiteita (that’s Embracing Love to the English readers) the manga is also a series of love letters between the two characters found within the page’s including a beautiful ending that I will not spoil. Also, those within the yaoi community will recognize many of the images within the page’s of Kiss of Fire as they were used in the opening for the two episode OVA feature of the series and if that is not amazing enough, the seiyuu who plays Iwaki in the series also sings the opening theme!