December Update

Wow after ten years of waiting I finally got my hands on Final Fantasy XV and I have already put about ten hours into the game and I am loving it!!!  I’m also slowly catching up with season 2 and 3 of Transformers Robots in Disguise but of course I could not stay away from any clips I found on YouTube of my favorite con voiced by my favorite voice actor!!!

Thank you writers for finally giving us an answer as to why Starscream’s appearance was so different in the War and Fall of Cybertron games to Prime. (To those who don’t know the games, Prime and now Robots in Disguise is on giant continuity)

Now that I got all that fangirling out of the way time for stuff about the blog, I’ve reached 50 followers (more of the time of this post) to all the new readers welcome to Yaoi Playground!!! To all the old readers thanks for sticking with me!!!

Reviews will continue this month with a very special anime review set for Christmas week as I have been wanting to review this particular series for a while but decided to put it off as a sort of Christmas special you could say….


There will also of course be more Fanfic Recommendation as well, I know those posts don’t get many views but I see the fanfic community as an important part of the yaoi community and plus my reviews have given me a chance to talk to some of my favorite authors. You see before posting each Recommendation if it is possible I like to contact the author for their permission. (This can be a little hard sadly for older stories such as Fanfiction Rec 7: Scent of his Mate because they are no longer available on the original sites posted by the author)

I still cannot believe my readers that we are so close to the end of this year now. It has been a busy year offline and online for me, with this blog being started and the big move to name a few things, here’s to ending this year on happy memories everyone!!!


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