Angel’s Feather – Boys Love Classic Review

Back when I first entered the yaoi fandom, Angel’s Feather was a big deal in the yaoi community. The visual novel game CG’s were being shared everywhere and everyone was in love with the art style and the anime was pretty popular amongst yaoi fans.


Going back and rewatching the anime series I found myself coming to one sad conclusion, however. Other than looking pretty when not in motion the anime adaptation is very boring and this seems to be a trend when it comes to some visual novel adaptations back then and even now if the Danganronpa anime is anything is to go by, it just seems a good anime adaptation of a visual novel is a rarity and not the norm. Unfortunately for me, I can’t compare the anime with the visual novel as getting a hold of the game is not as easy as Danganronpa.

Produced in 2006 by Venet a producer who’s only other anime is another yaoi OVA Fuyu no Semi which was a spin-off of Haru wo Daiteita, The anime attempts to tell the story of separated twin brothers, Shou and Kai. Both boys have a connection to the mysterious Binfield Kingdom which is ruled by a royal family that bares white wings. But instead of being some really cool fantasy story we have the brothers reunited at an all-boys school that I think is under the control of some bad black winged angels from the same kingdom. But the truth is the story gives so many explanations dumps that it can be hard to keep up over the two OVA episodes.

The biggest problem I have with this series is that much like Sex Pistols anime adaptation it tries to squeeze way too much story into it’s short runtime. Action scenes come out of nowhere throughout the two episodes with no real explanation as well as various characters having powers out of nowhere and big character revelations that hold no real weight because there is just so little build up.

This is one boys love classic that is worth giving a miss. It does not make me interested in the game and if anything is just a very dull watch.

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