First Impressions – Pretty Derby

I really do not know what I was expecting from this anime, I was thinking maybe it would be some weird sports anime like Keijo was, with it’s own made up sport with these horse girls. It kind of is but at the end of the day it feels like this is going to be another generic idol anime.


Now I must confess I am not a huge fan of the idol genre of anime, and I have given them a chance and from all the ones I have given a go, which only were a couple because I was not enjoying them. The only one I got some enjoyment from Uta no Prince sama being the only to date that I have watched all the way through. Still the horse girl concept for this series is interesting and the scenes in the first episode with the trainer being called a pervert did give me a giggle.

Not quite sure yet if I am going to continue watching this series but I might give it a few more eps to see how it goes, one thing is obvious though. I am not the target audience for this series but there is another anime airing this season which I most definitely am the target audience for…

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