A Little Bit of Pride this Month

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a bad year for everyone, from political turmoil and natural disasters to a world wide pandemic and now, I don’t even know how to describe how fucked up recent events around the world have been. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to check the news because I just find myself thinking, what the fuck now?

June is pride month in the United States and even though you guys can not have the big parades pride is known for and most likely we won’t be able to do the same over here in Australia come time for us here, I have decided to share some of my favourite inspirational stories from within the LGBTQ+ community to share some much needed positivity out into the world, which is something I think we all need right now.

This will include some of my favourite short films, people within the community that inspire me and hopefully if I can get it done on time a review of one of my favourite recent movies.

To quote my favourite TV show Gotham ‘However dark and scary the world might be right now, there will always be light’ and I truly want to believe that even with everything going on right now that there is still some good in this world.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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