Dick Fight Island – Manga Review

Oh how this yaoi lover wished they could have a hold of a physical copy of this title but due to high demand it sold out so quickly that I myself had to purchase it digitally through Amazon (And physical copies are still sold out)! Set on the fictional archipelago of Pulau Yong’Unda, every four years a great tournament known as ‘The Great Wyrm Tournament’ to name the new king of the land, with each of the eight clans within the archipelago putting forth their greatest of champions to battle it out. As you might guess however, with a title like Dick Fight Island this is no ordinary tournament, instead of battling in fights of brute force and power the clans fight a different kind of battle that shows their true strength of a man, with armor that covers their most sacred of jewels and shows of the barest of asses in honor of their manliness! Strap yourself in my yaoi and BL lovers because you will not be disappointed if you choose to pick up this title that has taken the manga world by storm in the last month.

Whether you love yourself a cute little twink or a burly older gentlemen or anything in between believe me you will find your type within this title

With a title like Dick Fight Island I was honestly expecting this manga to be nothing but fanservice with just enough plot to get the characters to do the deed, so when I began reading this title and found that not only did this manga have some absolutely gorgeous character designs but it also had a very intriguing and at times hilariously melodramatic storyline. Each of the competitors in the competition has their own motivations as to why they are competing. From proving that even though they are from a mostly female clan they are just as manly as any other man at the tournament, to fighting for love after all this is a romance manga and it delivers very much so on the romance as well as action!

Believe me this is a title where you will come for the ridiculous premise and action but you will stay for the romance. From forbidden love between clans, classism and culture shock from the point of view of an outsider looking in as he watches his lover compete in this competition there are plenty of moments that will leave you on the edge of you seat. Do I wish some characters got a bit more of a spotlight? Yes. Am I hoping we get another volume to continue this story? That would be a hell yes! It’s not that often I say a title is a must read for a yaoi fan but this title truly is a must read! And if you want to see some awesome artwork from the creator Reibun Ike then you really want to follow their Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Dick Fight Island – Manga Review

  1. I’m so glad that I managed to get a hold of a physical copy of this manga, it’s so much fun! I’m really looking forward to volume two, I want to see what happens with all of these different pairings that have been set up.


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