First Impression – Nu Carnival

Released on the 24th of February of this year it is no understatement to say that yaoi RPG gatcha game has taken over the lives of many yaoi fans with a smartphone. With its gorgeous artwork and fun and erotic story it is easy to see why this game has taken over my Twitter feed since its release, but don’t go looking for this game on the Apple or Google play store because it is just too naughty for those platforms. To play this 18+ game on your smart device you will need to download it from here.

Many hundreds of years ago, the elemental spirits on the Klein Continent were causing total mayhem. In order to put a stop to this chaos, the Grand Sorcerer – a man known only as Huey – decided to build five altars across the land, each implanted with a gigantic gemstone that would allow him to regulate and seal away these imbalanced elements.

From then on, every dozen or so years, Huey and his clan members would set out on a journey to maintain the gemstones and seals at each of the five altars.

However, twenty years ago, Huey suddenly disappeared. With no one to maintain the altars, the elemental harmony he had created started to disintegrate. Soon monsters started appearing in all corners of the land. As the elemental spirits fell into disarray once more, Klein became plagued with natural disasters and the dreaded Dead Zone began to spread.

Then one day, two familiars, created many years ago by Huey, used a secret technique to summon a man from another world. They instantly recognized him as a descendant of their master – and maybe… just maybe, he’s the hero they’ve been waiting for.

In this RPG/VN/Gatcha game, you play as Eiden just your average modern office worker, who works as a sex toy designer who just happens to be the young man summoned to Klein by the familiars mentioned above. These familiars are a cute little vampire by the name of Aster and a sensual incubus by the name of Morvay and it is a very sexy introduction you have with these two with the first of many hardcore yaoi scenes within the game. Sadly so far this is the only threesome scene in the game so far.

Now you must build your clan through travelling the lands and meeting new allies and if you get the right cards in the gatcha side of the game you can unlock special H scenes in each level as well as learn more about each of your companions through the intimacy section of the game which allows you to give the desired gifts to the man you want to learn more about, this also relies on what you have collected from the gatcha side of the game because even though there are 8 allies in all each comes with different costumes so rarer than others of course. Different costumes may change the element of the character’s attacks or support moves in battle as well so it is a good idea to get a collection of different forms of the same character.

There is a pay to move forward element of the game as well as pay to get more attempts at the gatcha to get more rare character outfits but that is to be expected with any free to play mobile game let alone a gatcha game. So far though I have not had a need to pay any money in-game even though it meant waiting to get some super rare versions of characters to unlock the yaoi scenes. Luckily though if you do not have the required rare character version for a yaoi scene in a level it does not stop your story progress and you can always return later once you have what you need to unlock that scene.


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