Butlers x Battlers Episode 2 Review

More is revealed about the mysterious J in this episode, his connection to the mansion the student council uses and did I mention a butler cafe that would make any fujoshi swoon with joy? As serious as the tone was for much of the episode, the scenes with the handsome student council members being made to work in the cafe as ‘butlers’ was the most enjoyable part of the episode for me and I imagine many other viewers. Over all a very enjoyable episode with plenty of entertaining moments and a continued mystery being discovered, time travelling butlers? This is just so awesome I am really loving this show and I am already getting a best boy vibe from the sleepy and adorable ‘Dracula’ he is just way too cute, not the type I usually fawn over but he is just way too cute!!

Can not wait to watch the next ep either as once again the final act of the episode left me wanting more. My only hope so far is that I really hope we get a complete story with this series.


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