Wotakoi It’s Difficulty to Love An Otaku Episode 3 Review

She has the perfect boyfriend, is what I would say, but I worry saying that might upset some people, but damn a boyfriend that helps you sell yaoi? He is just way too adorable for words that I am almost almost jealous. The fact that both our boys have girlfriends who have a large fan following and that they admit to themselves that yes they are jealous is adorable. Here I go again gushing over this show but I have to admit, this is my favourite show this season. Yep I said it I am now officially loving this show more than Magical Girl Ore and after how much my inner fangirl screamed at the latest ep of that one you know this is good.

Then there was the second part to this episode and for as amusing as the first half was, this part was just pure adult adorableness. Those awkward moments from our fujoshi lead really made this ep for me and I can not wait to watch the next episode. Will definitely be sticking with this show right to the end this season! On a side note, I’m not the only fujoshi worried about others finding my porn stash right?

2 thoughts on “Wotakoi It’s Difficulty to Love An Otaku Episode 3 Review

  1. Certainly one of the gems from the young season. It is always nice to see adult romances but this one nails what it’s like for an otaku in the dating realm. Happy to see that others are enjoying this series as well.


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