Yarichin Bitch Club – Manga Review

Who knew joining the photography club at his new school, would be such a bitch?

With an upcoming anime about to be released this month, I think it’s about time I reviewed this popular yaoi manga that like it’s characters has more beneath its surface than the pervertive antics of Mori Mori Private School’s photography club. First-year student Toono has recently transferred to Mori Mori and learns that it is mandatory for all first-year students to join a club. Toono does not consider himself a very athletic person so decides to join the photography club, hoping to spend time relaxing and taking pictures. Upon joining he walks in on the club members trying out their latest toy on one of their own, and the toy is a vibrator. Toono has walked into a club filled with crazed perverts who tell him if he does not lose his virginity within a month of joining the club, then he will have to lose it in a club-wide orgy with his sempais! On the bright side at least he has made a new friend with one of his new classmates who seems to be the sweetest boy in the school.

There is a lot of hardcore yaoi scenes in this manga and I mean a lot of hardcore sex, and it caters to quite a few different fetishes as well. From toys and domination to cross-dressing and more. This is a manga that with its appealing character designs and art style could have easily become a hit amongst fujoshi if it was just simple porn without plot yaoi. What we get however is a manga that at times can have these amazing in-depth character moments that can really tug at your heartstrings, then pull you out of that emotional moment with one of the characters either saying something perverted or Yuri showing up and just being his random self. It is the characters that make this story something more, they are not just tropes they feel like real characters. I have not gone into detail about these characters because part of the fun of reading this manga is getting to learn about all of them. I will say this though, my favorite character is Yuri and he is just way too precious!

If you are looking for a yaoi manga with hot hardcore yaoi scenes but also with an extremely engaging story or are just curious why so many fujoshi and fudanshi are excited about the upcoming anime set to be released on September 21 well you owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful yaoi manga!



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