People are Missing the Point of Goblin Slayer Already

I can honestly not remember the last time I have seen so much hate around the anime community for the first episode of an anime, and I know I am a little late to talk about this but I just really wanted to put my two cents into the discussion about this first episode that has so many anime fans pissed and on a side note personally I liked the first episode and plan to continue watching the series.

As someone who over the years has read countless fantasy stories, played fantasy games and watched a few fantasy anime, I knew this was not going to be the usual power fantasy cliche of a story when one of the characters asked if they had enough potions and another character said no and laughed it off. These adventurers were idiots in a dangerous world and it was almost a relief to actually see some danger and consequence in the story for such idiotic adventurers.

The biggest issue I am seeing about this series around though is people being ‘uncomfortable’ with rape being shown in the first episode and that it is just there as a cheap attempt to make the story edgy. Now as someone who has read and watched countless yaoi titles and knowing that at this point rape could be considered a cliche within that genre this scene did not bother me that much and there was a reason for this. The rape itself was shown as a cruel and depraved act. It was not glorified or fetishized it was shown for the cruel act it is and this has apparently pissed off a lot of people. I have written countless times that I personally do not have an issue with subjects like rape happening in fictional media, in fact, at times I outright support the depiction of it because sexual violence is something that does happen, but what I do hate is when these acts are glorified into something enjoyable. Odd I know for someone who is a yaoi fan to say right? News flash, just because rape is a cliche in yaoi does not mean all yaoi fans like or fetishize rape. In fact, I went into this fact with my review of The Tyrant Falls in Love, this was an anime where the rape made me uncomfortable, Goblin Slayers rape scene not so much.

The other scene that is making people uncomfortable is the slaying of baby goblins, this is a scene that like the rape scene earlier in the episode is here to prove a point about the world that the story of Goblin Slayer is taking place in. This world is a cruel and dark place and though to a certain extent with the title character at least it could be seen as a power fantasy much like the original Berserk this is a power fantasy in a world where you need to be powerful to survive and not a power fantasy that comes from being surrounded by weak easily defeated enemies.

8 thoughts on “People are Missing the Point of Goblin Slayer Already

  1. Great article and I have the same thoughts as you, to be honest.

    When it comes to the rape scene. Well, we are present in a world where Goblins do not have females, so the only way for them to survive is to get other races, in this case, humans to have their children. Well, I don’t see any girl actually willing to have sex with a goblin, so it’s just normal that rape is the way they go. Did it make me feel uncomfortable? Yes, it is a rape scene, so of course, I’m not going to watch that and laugh. Nevertheless, I don’t feel that it’s a cheap scene just to portray violence. The first episode is clearly setting the world of this fantasy Anime, and this world is a dark one where you pay dearly for your mistakes. The rape scene just makes it even more real.

    When it comes to killing the kids… What the hell was he supposed to do? I mean, they are monsters which kill, rape and plunder full villages and they will also kill kids. So, it’s natural that on the other side they won’t leave the kids to be around to become adults and attack humans…

    Everything seemed right and interested me, a LOT! This way, I’m going to continue watching it and I think if the creators do not change the Anime due to pressure, I’ll enjoy this Anime a lot.


  2. You brought up some really good points and I agree the rape scene was not just some cheap gimmick, it’s meant to make you feel uncomfortable and give some weight to the story. Just like you I’ve read and seen my fair share of yaoi media and you can clearly see that this is not a “pleasurable” experience for anyone.

    This was an all around great read!!


  3. I don’t understand people, we watch shows like game of thrones and they had a few rape scenes and no one goes crazy over it. If it goes with the context of the series then it’s fine. Also, the slaying of the babies, I mean come on! They are going to get older and kill people and kidnap girls. Do you want that to happen. You have to end it now before that happens. I like this series and I will continue to watch it. I don’t care about the violence.


  4. I couldn’t agree more with your point about Goblin slayer to add edge to the story and intensity. But I feel the series doesn’t solely ride on this alone. There are so many series I could name just as bad regarding violence, cannot deny episode one is unsettling but it’s a good feeling to me. Makes me excited for the story itself and learning more about the main character.

    You’ve made your point clear my dear well done 🙂


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  6. I watched part of the first episode (the only reason I didn’t finish was that I was at the gym and switched from cardio to strength training). I was more enraged at the fact these fools went into that dark cave with zero experience and a lack of preparation. Like everyone said, the rape was showing us the brutality of the world. These goblins are beyond just killing you and pulling your apart, they will violate you any way they can, including laughing at you while you pee your pants. I think when the brutality of that kind happens, people compartmentalize it instead of seeing the bigger picture.


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