A Killing Stalking Animated Series?

I have been following the turbulent history of Killing Stalking since almost the beginning of its run over on Lezhin Comics. I have reviewed all three seasons of the manhwa in and have written pieces on its growing fandom and controversy around the contents found within its dark and deadly tale. The tale of Killing Stalking ended over a year ago, but even now new controversy still follows this infamous and popular manhwa as new fans and haters find there way into the fandom. It is something that I believe will follow this fandom for some time to come given the nature of the kind of story Killing Stalking is.

Then on May 22, 2020, YouTube channel mOss released a teaser trailer for a Killing Stalking animated project, which has been the subject of many discussions around both Killing Stalking fan groups and yaoi groups around the net, bringing back the question the story has faced since it’s first growth in popularity. Does it romanticize an abusive relationship?

This was not the first video I had seen from mOss’s channel as I had seen their previous animated trailers for Killing Stalking, both of which I found chillingly amazing. Though now I understand why after originally discovering these videos why I had so much trouble finding them the next day. It would seem that the creator had their Youtube channel was terminated for violating the Youtube terms of service. Believe me, there is worse stuff than a Killing Stalking fan video on Youtube and what and who seems to get terminated for actions or non-actions seems about as random as a flip of the coin.

Through the trailer of this new project, however, I rediscovered this amazing creator and learned more about their history within the fandom through their site. For example, I had no idea that the previous videos I had loved so much were part of an official Killing Stalking fan competition or that Koogi herself had chosen their work as the winning entry. These two previous videos had been in 2D, so I found myself surprised when I read the description for the upcoming project to be in 3D. The series is planned for 17 epsiodes at an hour run time each and will be released under the horror studio chAosOPUS Studio.

Now I know a lot of people are very hesitant when it comes to 3D animations because some can look downright awful and can be seen as a cheaper way of getting a product out. It does not look that way for this project though. There are already quite a few progress updates on the site which shows ongoing progress of the project and I must say I am very much looking forward to seeing where this project goes in the future. 


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