My Favourite Monsters and Non-Humans that I would…

My last post about TikTok talked so much about the negative side of the community that I knew I just had to make a more positive post for the communities on there doing the right thing and as of late I have seen a trend that has caught my interest. You see my lovely viewers there is a community on there that I myself have been a part of for quite some time, let’s call this community the monster lover community if you will.

Anyway, there is a there trend going around on there right now, where people will list their favourite sexy monsters so I thought oooh I want in on this, but I’m still not very good at video editing so I thought I would make a post about it instead to help celebrate this fun spooky season!

Cai Hong – Zhenniao is A handsome beauty that could literally kill you with love because the more poisonous his diet is the more beautiful and deadly he becomes.
Lascivion – Mister Versatile because let’s face it Venom is too obvious a choice and you actually get to see some hardcore action with this lovely alien man in the game.
Orochimaru – Naruto, those who know me offline will know about this one. When I first watched Naruto I instantly fell in love with this character and was literally simping over this character. From that wonderfully long and dexterous tongue and that voice provided by the wonderful Steve Blum in the dub that made me melt (this will not be the last mention of a character voiced by Steve on this list)
John Hancock – Fallout 4 it was so hard I must confess for me to choose between Hancock and Detective Valentine I must confess, but in the end, I had to go with the mayor of Good Neighbour because underneath that rough exterior is a heart of gold and beautiful broken soul.
Odo – Star Trek Deep Space Nine – There are a lot of alien choices within the Star Trek universe but for me, it goes to the stoic and intelligent chief of security Oda…. plus just imagine the fun you could have with a shapeshifter!
Discord – My Little Pony, he is mischievous and fun and this one also goes to the voice though this time it is not the Steve Blum but John De Lancie.
Loki – Marvel Stories What If…? It’s not wrong that I find this party boy giant version of Loki that has his shit together hot right? No of course it’s not.
Starscream – Transformers Prime, Height differences aside on this one, his design is more than appealing with his lean frame, long legs and a voice that is once again provided by the talented Steve Blum I was going to fall hard for this one.
Knockout – Transformers Prime, yes another Decepticon from Transformers Prime these are my boys and there is no rule to this list and I could not choose between Starscream and Knockout. This sportscar medic just gives new meaning to the term a purring engine.
Koro Sensei – Assassination Classroom… it’s the tentacles.


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