30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13 Character You are Most Similar to

To be completely honest I have to a certain  extent already explained the answer to this one in my post Serialize Thyself – I am Lain, but I will explain a little here so that this post is not just a single link.

arisuLain is a character that attracted me the very first time I watched the series and the more I watched the more I saw the similarities between us. Lain is extremely socially awkward at the beginning of the series which was very much like me in high school and here is a creepy coincidence, in the dub of the series the girl that reaches out to Lain to become her friend and to include her is named Alice… one of my best friends in high school who tried to include me in social gatherings was a girl named Alice. Freaky right?

Lain has trouble communicating her feelings to those around her, this is something I can greatly relate to and will be covering in the next Serialize Thyself post including the freedom one who has trouble communicating can find her within the internet or in her case the wired. Lain is Lain and I am me.


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