Killing Stalking – Season 3 First Impression

Sangwoo’s recent kindness in the opening chapters to the latest season of Killing Stalking could be his cruelest acts towards Bum so far, but I am seeing a lot of criticism from within the Killing Stalking fandom because of recent events. The story is going all lovey dovey and the author is giving into fans and going the romance route. The thing is Killing Stalking has always been it’s own twisted romance story, it just happens as I have said before be a very abusive relationship.

Abuse is not just emotionally or physically beating a person down. Abuse can also be moments of kindness used to control the victim in the relationship. One thing has become clear with the relationship between the two, Bum never reacted in the way that Sangwoo expected him too. This on some level I believe has made Bum a curiosity to the man and has also turned Bum into his new favourite toy. In learning more about Bum, Sangwoo is learning how he can hurt Bum more. He wants to keep pushing and pushing until something else breaks, but as he is doing so it seems something is changing within Sangwoo at the same time. Of course this is all speculation on my part at this point. I look forward to finding out what happens next in Killing Stalking, especially after that final line from Sangwoo in chapter 38…



4 thoughts on “Killing Stalking – Season 3 First Impression

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