My Dictator Boyfriend – Recommended Reading!

11_ec8db8eb84a4ec9dbc_mobile1807312669.jpgThis is currently my favorite comic over on Webtoon, I am just so in love with this satirical comedy about a young dictator who has just inherited the country from his retiring father while trying to hide from those around him that he is well gay and that is not easy when it becomes obvious he has a major crush on his newly appointed bodyguard and the bodyguard feels the same for the adorable young dictator.

Like Small World, another awesome comic I have been loving on Webtoon this is a very sweet and lighthearted comic to read and with all the darker stories I have been reading lately, namely the new Killing Stalking and Caste Heaven. Both of these stories are very dark psychological thriller stories aimed at a fujoshi audience and as brilliant as they have both have been for me sometimes even I need a break and like to read something just light, funny and downright adorable! If you have not checked out My Dictator Boyfriend yet, I cannot recommend this cute comic enough.

I did not really want to write a full review for this little comic but have been enjoying it so much I just wanted a chance to write about it here on Yaoi Playground, if you like this format let me know and I might start writing more smaller pieces to go along side my reviews.


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