Kabukibu! – First Reaction

If I could describe Kabukibu! in one word it would be, forgettable. I found myself after watching the first episode remembering why I rarely these days watch anime are set in high schools that are not sports series… This was the first of three anime I watched the first episode of and dropped by the end of the first episode, though this one out of the three was the most disappointing and it is going to take something big for me to give it another go.

What makes it so disappointing for me is that it has an interesting premise, I love anime that go further into Japanese culture and an anime about Kabuki had me really intrigued.  After all, all I really know about Kabuki is that is an ancient art form and that all the actors are male, this has so many possibilities to be something the fujoshi community could latch onto. What I got from the first episode was cliche after cliche after cliche. From story set up with wanting to start up a club to character types with each potential club member the main duo sort out.

Perhaps not a completely fair comparison but when I watched Cheer Boys the other month the recruitment part of the story and the introduction to the subject matter of the club was a much more entertaining watch. The first episode of Kabukibu! had a very paint by the numbers feel to it. It did not excite me, it did not make me want to learn more about the characters and it became a chore in the last ten minutes to even just finish the first episode. It’s a drop from me for this one.



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